Some of The Best Sales Engagement Platforms for Financial Institutions

In the past year, there has been an increase in the utilization of sales engagement platforms and conversation surrounding the category, with many revenue organizations attempting to choose the best sales engagement platform for their company. However, the idea behind sales interaction is as old as the practise of selling. Sales engagement essentially refers to the multiple interactions sellers have with prospects and clients during the buyer’s journey.

Each effective touchpoint, whether over the phone, by email, or in person, brings the buyer closer to being a customer. Feedback from sales teams in recent years has sounded remarkably similar across all industries: today’s buyers are time-constrained, likely to be conducting their research, moving at their own pace, and being prospected by rivals everywhere they turn.

Best Sales Engagement Platforms for Financial Institutions

These advancements have shifted the norms of engagement for sales teams across industries. Some of the best sales engagement platforms for financial institutions have been listed here for your perusal: –

1. Vymo 

Yamini, who oversaw sales transformation for large corporations at McKinsey, and Venkat, who created intelligent mobile applications at Google, established Vymo. With locations in the US, Japan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, Vymo has experienced one of the world’s highest growth rates among corporate SaaS companies since its start in 2013.

2. Ignite Sales 

Ignite Sales was established in 1997 by Julie Hamrick and Barbie Boe to assist customers in making informed financial decisions. Their goal was to establish a software-as-a-service business that would give banks the tools they need to assist online consumers in personal financial management at every step and direct them to the right products. The use of decision tree science in conjunction with an engaging engagement design was quite effective.

They were far ahead of the general market. Ignite changed the focus of its technology from PFM to a much wider application after learning from and developing through ongoing experience with many of the top banks in the nation. This allows banking clients to engage with consumers and small businesses through all banking channels, fully uncover their financial needs, and help them make wise product decisions.

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3. Bigtincan

Bigtincan is assisting the top companies in the world in facilitating the future of shopping. Everything they provide is built to be clever, adaptable, and simple to fit specific business processes while providing incredibly personalized experiences that consumers and brands adore. The mission is to assist businesses in delivering branded purchasing experiences that are compelling, personalized, beneficial, and capable of assisting customers in making the best decisions.

Within the Bigtincan platform, you can develop add-ons, design and share content, access various aspects of the app, and transfer data to your CRM—all safely.

4. Zoho 

Utilizing straightforward, user-friendly customer interaction tools help your customers navigate the maze of financial solutions. Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat and analytics solution for your business that is clever, effective, and incredibly configurable. With the help of chatbots that provide customized messages, you can start discussions with your prospects using our client engagement software for financial services. Chatbots are simple to set up and completely configurable, can facilitate a conversation with potential clients and consumers, pose pertinent inquiries to gather information, and present appropriate answers. For instance, you can program and automate KYC verification queries from the chatbot itself, relieving your support personnel of some work and accelerating the verification process.

5. VanillaSoft 

In the banking and finance sector, change is the only thing that never changes. The banking, finance, and mortgage sales interaction platform from VanillaSoft enables you to adapt to change and satisfy a market that is becoming more demanding. With VanillaSoft, you can maintain precise records, guarantee prompt follow-up, and follow clients as they navigate the system. The Power of Simplicity is at the heart of VanillaSoft’s basic philosophy, enabling SMB customers in practical sectors like higher education, insurance, and manufacturing to increase productivity, contact rates, and sales accountability. VanillaSoft’s intuitive and simple-to-use interface helps the sales force stay focused on what matters most: attracting more leads and closing more deals.

For sales teams, sales engagement software offers a variety of advantages. SDRs/BDRs and account reps can plan and carry out their outreach using these tools. Most SEPs have tools that enable representatives to develop sales processes, use templates to send sales emails, and monitor engagement across digital touchpoints (e.g., email open and click-through rates). By automating several steps of the outreach process, they also assist sales professionals in boosting productivity levels and saving time.

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