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Sales pipeline management tools are becoming a must-have in today’s world. With the increase in competition, every business leader wants to keep tabs on every process without losing out on any critical update. Sales pipeline management tools help figure out the position at which your process of making a sale is at, with different customers. So, with these tools, you can easily monitor and notice all the potential sales and customers without losing out on timely info. In addition to this, these tools also enable you to monitor your sales and the impact on the cash flow.

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Here are the most prominent sales pipeline management tools that are enabling modern-day business enterprises: –


Maintained by humans, is a great sales pipeline management platform that can help you update your CRM with your sales pipeline right away. You also get the opportunity to create a pipeline of tasks to work at your own pace, follow your methods, and eventually, revert to your potential clients at the right time. You can get an idea of whom to contact at what point in time. In addition to this, this tool also allows you to create a deal, add notes, and set up an opportunity stage for all your sales.

2. Insightly

As an online CRM solution, Insightly aims to target small and medium-sized businesses. Its approach is based on easing out project management, reporting capabilities and avail workflow automation. All this is done at the starting price of $29 for this CRM. In addition to this, it also allows third-party integrations through which you can make the most out of your CRM and get the best solutions.

3. Playbooks

Previously known as, XANT has developed Playbooks, an online CRM platform aiming at sales pipeline management. With the help of AEs and SDRs, this platform allows you to build closeable pipelines. This will allow the sales staff to get the most out of their potential clients. With their AI-based technology, Neuralytics, it can target those buyers who are more likely to purchase.

4. Pipedrive

This CRM software aims at helping small businesses. Using these platforms, small businesses can interact, monitor, and drive their sales. This is one of the most efficient sales pipeline management tools available for smaller businesses.

5. Freshworks CRM

Formerly known as Freshsales, Freshworks CRM is your one-stop CRM solution for everything. It has an in-built email and phone, visual sales pipeline, dashboards, automation, mobile apps, reports, and lead scoring, among many other features. With all these features, it aims at building one tool which can serve as the ultimate solution for all business needs.

6. InsightSquared Sales Analytics

With a starting price of $65, this tool is essentially a sales development and analytics platform that includes SaaS reporting. The tool is designed to deliver insights into the sales processes, formulate customer pipelines, provide revenue forecasts and closing rates. It can also be useful in calculating KPIs.

7. Salesmate

As a sales CRM, Salesmate is working towards ensuring that the sales staff can be more productive and increase overall sales. This can be done by its tools that manage pipelines and therefore help the staff to engage more with customers. Businesses can manage their pipeline very easily with Salesmate.

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8. Zendesk Sell

Formerly known as Base CRM, Zendesk cell provides integrated tools to help representatives know all about the customer’s account. Therefore, they can revise their pitch using that and extract more profits. Its pipelining system is also very easy to use.

9. Clari

As a predictive sales analytics platform, Clari aims at helping businesses reach sales forecasting solutions. This can thereby help them estimate their cash flow and accordingly approach every sales pitch.

10. Pipeliner CRM

As a sales enablement tool, Pipeliner CRM has focused on pipeline management among its other services like sales processes, analytics, and dashboards. This platform helps sales staff by providing them with charts, visuals, and other easy-to-follow profiles through which they can understand their potential sales more and approach them better.

11. Salesflare

Focused on small businesses, Salesflare is a great option for those looking for pipelining features integrated with automated event tracking and other such features. This will help the sales representatives in aligning their schedules.

12. Predictive Pipeline

This platform solves all your pipelining needs by keeping track of your sales pipelines and then predicting your quota attainment. Boasting an accuracy of over 80%, this platform uses Neuralytics, the predictive engine of XANT, to achieve this feat.

13. Vtiger

Vtiger is a sales solution that uses automation to help with project management, inventory management, marking and sales, and pipelining processes.

14. Affinity

Also known as Project Affinity, this CRM is essentially based in San Francisco and attends to the needs of pipeline automation along with automatic file and data capturing. This is done through task reminders, reporting, removing duplication, among other such algorithms that focus on increasing the productivity of the sales reps.

15. Sellsy

With starting price of $30.90, this platform is an integrated suite for all your sales management needs. It comes with features like CRM pipelining, time tracking, ERP, POS, helpdesk, invoicing, among many others.

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Sales processes are becoming salestech driven, with multiple steps to be covered before the finalization of the deal. With the help of efficient sales pipeline management tools, businesses can streamline and optimize the process of sales pipeline management effectively.

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