People Culture and its Impact on Business Growth: with Linda Lee – Chief People and Culture Officer, Velocity Global

In a recent episode of the SalesStar Podcast, Linda Lee – Chief People and Culture Officer, Velocity Global spoke about the core people culture aspects that should be focus areas for B2B Tech teams.

Because, a good people culture can reflect on overall business growth.

Key Takeaways from the Podcast Episode:

People and culture are now at the forefront and tie into future growth of the company. This is a changing workplace trend that needs more attention for better adoption of balanced work cultures.

B2B HR teams need to think about how much their culture framework is adding to business

Hiring to see a cultural fit is outdated. It’s now more about who you are bringing in to add to your existing culture.

Another hiring fundamental: knowing how to hire those candidates that recognize your brand voice. This helps set the tone for a  good culture that allows people to enjoy their work.

A sense of belonging and D&I initiatives are taking on priority today; the sense of belonging is for everyone. This is where you need to use your data actively to understand more about your people profiles.

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Core frameworks that can enable B2B HRs:

  • -A better focus on these areas is what’s expected of modern HRs today:
  • -Constant Learning and Development with the Right Industry Trainers to Training Modules
  • -To Enable Sales Teams: Work with sales leaders to build the Right Quota Structures and Commission Structures
  • -To Enable Overall Brand Voice: Work with marketing to create that employee branding and sense that the brand wants to be known for.

Today’s HR is expected to do everything in the HR role to enable sales teams to work better. HR teams need to understand more about the business and marketing voice.

HR is the first face for anyone coming into the company. Knowing about the business to present it a more precise manner will allow a better hiring experience that helps filter candidates better.

The Future of B2B Workplace Trends

Recruiters are now sales people. Sourcing candidates, convincing candidates to choose one offer over the other. Connecting with marketing folks is a good way for the HR teams to brand the culture in a way that it works to attract the right kind of people.

Globalization: It won’t be about travelling for a job anymore. People should be allowed to work from anywhere. This can allow better cost management, helps bring in different perspective and allows teams to work across time zones and local cultures.

In future, Hybrid work will be a key fundamental. The need to connect in person from time to time will be essential to drive a unified business’s work sense. This will allow HR teams to see how employees are embracing the work culture or what they have challenges with.

HR houses so much data. HR teams should find new ways to improve the sales culture, the marketing culture using that data.


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