Optimizing your B2B Sales Processes and SalesTech for 2024

If recent reports are much to go by, in 2024, CEOs are most worried about a possible recession and inflation. Drill this concern down to the rest of the business functions and it translates into a deeper need for modern B2B sales leaders to actively ensure that their sales teams go above and beyond to succeed.

Besides better sales coaching formats and salestech integrations; honing in on soft skills and improving product and service areas are what will take businesses ahead despite tough market conditions.

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When it comes to your B2B Sales Process and your B2B sales tech stack in 2024:

Choosing the most appropriate sales tech and optimizing existing sales processes to align to growth goals are the need of the hour. How can sales leaders do this more effectively today?

  • Know your Immediate Needs and Identify your Strategies

Your immediate goals and the strategies you aim to use to drive those goals will determine the choice of your sales tech. For instance: a business that decides to use cold calling as a core for their sales cadence would need a good set of conversational intelligence tools, power dialers, recorders, and such others. One that would rather use cold email to drive most of their sales cadence would need appropriate sales intelligence and sales prospecting and email tools.

The next areas of evaluation when choosing a sales tech stack involve budgets, integrations, ease of use, current state of business and such other basic factors.

  • Know what Challenge you want to Solve with new Sales Tech

Sales leaders need to identify their team’s core challenge and problem areas to ensure better processes, sales tech and alignment practices are put in place to fix them. This involves understanding whether it’s overall conversion rates that need optimizing, or whether the nature of internal tasks are too manual and better automation is needed to save valuable time of sales reps. This is where internal team feedback and the existing CRM / CDP and other data needs to be measured.

  • Team Wide Training and Adoption on SalesTech and Sales Processes

This golden rule applies to all types of technology – martech, salestech, fintech, HRtech and a host of other tools that a business adopts: your tech stack is not going to magically solve your problems; it’s the team wide training on how to use those tools and optimize reports, processes and measurement tactics with it.

Without this, there won’t be any improvement or ROI. When new salestech is adopted, sales teams usually experience a drop in efficiency as optimizing use of the tools takes time. But with the right frameworks in place: the combination of smart sales tactics + processes + salestech can be a winning fusion.