How Is The Channel Software Marketplace Set To Grow?

The modern Channel Marketing software stack combines a group of technologies that help brands and businesses to develop, design and execute marketing and sales plans with the help of automation. With imbibed capabilities of recruiting, onboarding, managing, measuring and reporting, delivering automation of direct sales, workflows coupled with partner programs, channel software is becoming critical for a modern brand. Needless to say, it is the most promising and the fastest growing market, which marked 8.9% growth during the pandemic struck 2020 market. 

The marketing and business landscape is changing. Channel leaders and B2B marketers can no longer rely on the manual, human-centric processes. Furthermore, the trifurcation of partners into influencers, retention and transactional categories, managing numerous tasks without sufficient automation is not possible.The current channel software stack has 183 companies working across various technologies, which drove $2.8 billion sales in pure revenue in 2020. 

The top technology categories of channel software marketplace: 

  1. Partner relationship Management
  2. Through-channel marketing automation
  3. Channel learning and readiness
  4. Channel incentives management
  5. Channel data management
  6. Channel ecosystem management

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Some of the major players in channel marketing software market place include: 

1. Zift Solutions

ZiftOne from Zift Solutions simplifies channel sales, marketing and operations for all indirect sales organizations. ZiftOne is a popular Enterprise Channel Management platform designed to connect channel leaders, customers and partners and convert the channel programs into real business growth engines. The best part about ZiftOne is that it seamlessly integrates with the other established systems in the organization. 

2. Impartner PRM

Impartner PRM, a partner relationship management software, helps in improving stakeholders’ relations and scaling the best marketing and sales practices. These are the most important priorities achieved by various brands using Impartner PRM. Impartner can automate onboarding process, updates the pages and content with coding. It also features a social sharing tool, which acts a huge asset of businesses. 

3. SproutLoud

Another top through-channel marketing automation platform, SproutLoud is offered by SproutLoud Media Networks. SproutLoud helps you connect with your partners, resellers, branches, retailers and dealers easily. It is a unified platform for all of your distributed marketing needs. They are agile in adapting to new technologies so quickly that their clients say the get to use a new kind of platform every year with SproutLoud. 

Top features of the platform include marketing execution within minutes, improves partner participation by 60% and more, and achieves 100% brand compliance across the reseller network. 

4. Model N Channel Management

Automate your channel operations related to price protections, discount incentives, and stock rotations by eliminating revenue leakage with Model N Channel Management. This software boosts the trust of your partners and they can rely in doing business with you. With the help of this tool, marketers and sales teams can create and execute incentives, track the payments, match the claims to reduce over payments or duplicity in the system; it further helps to create price protection programs, execute stock rotations for obsolete products and so on. 

Some of the top features of the program are increasing top line revenue, reducing over payments and increasing velocity, and improving the partner experience. 

5. MarketSnare

Although a local marketing automation platform, it empowers marketers and sales teams to seamlessly and efficiently scale-up marketing campaigns and sales plans across various locations. With the help of a unified interface, it helps in creating, managing and localizing marketing network of all touchpoints. Mostly used in lead nurturing, campaign management, and advertisement, MarketSnare has gained a lot of popularity as a channel management tool recently. 

The top features include an interactive dashboard to organize all the information, SEO rich content and personalization to level-up partners’ experience with the organization. 

6. Mindmatrix

MindMatrix is a full suite channel enablement software which would do everything starting from Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Partner Portal, Channel Partner Marketing, Partner Concierge Services and Channel Partner Marketing. MindMatrix is one of the rare Martech providers in the industry offering end-to-end channel enablement features from one single interface. No matter what other established tools you have, MindMatrix is designed to offer a seamless integration with every MarTech tool in your arsenal. Along with channel management, it offers competitive content along with channel engagement and adoption tools. 

Channel marketing is all about increasing sales because when implemented in the right way, it is possible for channel leaders to connect with the customers at a different level. It is also about aligning and enabling the channel partners and allowing them to create successful customer experiences beyond cold calling, messaging, branding and demand generation. 

Modern marketers need to adapt to changing and fragmented customer journeys. The channel management software of today are here to help. 

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