Getting Your B2B Cold Emails Right!

93% of B2B businesses use email as a key marketing / sales channel to pitch their products and services and warm up leads. When used right, cold emails have had more than 15% open rate, indicating that businesses can have a better reach through emails. 9 out of 10 people check their email every day, and 21% of emails have been reported to be opened within the first two hours of their delivery, all this shows that the chances of your company receiving more exposure through email marketing or cold sales emails are high.

When equipped properly, emails can be used to reinforce existing customer relationships, create new customer relations, update customers with the latest company announcements, deals, and offers, and collect data from customer replies. It is the most effective method to propel campaigns, product and service launches, reminders, encourage purchases, and more. B2B marketers and sales teams use emails as a strategy to accommodate different agendas. 77% of B2B companies use email newsletters to publicize their products and services. This is because emails get 4 times more organic reach than social media. The return on investments rate (ROI) is also higher through emails.

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Tools that can make your cold email strategy work better

1. HubSpot

HubSpot provides email builders, data collectors, CRM predictions and analytics, email designs, and more. HubSpot enables a brand to create professional and efficient emails without the need to hire a professional designer.

Key Features – CRM platform, Content Management System, email templates, designing, tracking, scheduling, sales automation, predictive lead scoring.

2. Mailchimp

Solely dedicated to bettering email marketing and email sends of different kinds, the platform helps businesses organize and execute email lists, content, and tactics on a 24/7 support basis. Mailchimp also secured its title as one of the best global online companies in 2021.

Key Features – Content studio, audience management tools, automation, email scheduling, insights, analytics.

3. Aeroleads

Being an email finder platform, Aeroleads helps create email lists and is used by more than 8 million prospects from more than 130,000 active users.

Key Features – Data transfer, searchable leads, prospects and leads recommendations, email providers.

4. Mailgenius

This platform provides email consultation and email testers to refine the quality of your marketing strategy. It can detect any parts of the email that can send it in to the spam category. It helps improve the visibility and reach of your emails.

Key Features – Email tester, email service provider, sender policy framework (SPF) checker, domain keys identified email (DKIM) checker.

5. Reachmail

It has a range of email relay services to accommodate entrepreneurs, bloggers, MNCs, small businesses, and start-ups. It aids in bulk email sending, management, testing, analytics, and more.

Key Features – Application programming interface (API), email templates and creation, A/B testing, segmentation, imports, spam checkers, open and link tracking, litmus previews, analytics.

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Things to remember when it comes to cold emails

  • Bombarding anyone with too many emails can make them ignore you. Seek their approval for sending emails, for example, website visits can be converted to email marketing prospects or leads by placing a pop question that says, “for more updates, drop your email ID” or “for free downloads, enter your email” or “subscribe to our free monthly newsletter” or “for more info enter your email.” This way, there is a consensual agreement that the ‘lead’ is okay with receiving emails from your company.
  • Keeping a concise and easy-to-understand language is the next most important step. Always proceed in a humble and to-the-point tone of language.
  • People receive numerous spam mails, advertisements, and promotional emails every day. Crafting a subject line that entices the target to open the email is half the challenge won.
  • Once they click-through, keeping a brief description and purpose of the email clearly communicated is important. Using gifs, videos, mini-animations, pictures, etc., can also make it more appealing.
  • Segment the email lists to send more personalized campaigns. Adding the customer’s name has had 26% better chance of getting opened.
  • Always end the email with a “call-to-action” as a suggestion for the customer to proceed with the company’s online interaction. For example, “get free shipping today by visiting this website” or “check out more offers from this link” or “get the app to find more” or “sign up and save,” etc. Call to action (CTA) words and phrases can have click-through rates (CTR) as high as 70%.
  • Add links and action buttons to make the process easier. The simpler the steps to make a purchase or book an appointment, the higher response rates and conversion rates.

Cold emails are great for sales and marketing. It takes time to get to know the customer base and find out what strategies and content work best for the company. Keep experimenting with new approaches, document the results, collect data, and keep upgrading your cold email strategy.

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