Generative AI Misconceptions for Sales and Marketing: Busted

In less than a decade, artificial intelligence (AI) adoption has more than doubled. McKinsey reports that 52% of organizations have already invested in AI, and 63% anticipate that the investment will increase over the next five years. Enterprises of all sizes are finding value in investing in AI.

From automated AI tools to Generative AI, the use of AI has also evolved. Generative AI comes with promising groundbreaking capacities and has more potential for the future. Although the technology creates fascination, the landscape is a bit confusing.

While generative AI is set to make impressive strides in human-like text generation and task automation, one must understand the appropriate use of generative AI in sales and marketing.

Generative AI models are designed to create new, previously unseen data based on the information they are trained on. The models are being employed in a range of applications, from creating content to strategizing marketing campaigns. For sales and marketing professionals, Generative AI is making impressive strides and it is set to create a new realm of developments.

Despite the benefits of generative AI, it is not free from misconceptions. Here are the misconceptions that revolve around generative AI. Read on to learn about them.

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Myth 1: Generative AI will take away a marketer’s Job

The key to generating breathtaking marketing campaigns with generative AI lies in the prompts. Only a human being can give it prompts, tweak them according to the current requirement, and ensure that the output received is optimal. That said, can generative AI steal the jobs of marketers and salespeople?

The truth is – generative AI tools act as assistants to your marketing and sales team. The tools and technologies help them generate content easily. Even if your sales and marketing team is a little worked up, they can delegate their monotonous tasks to the AI tools and ensure that the work is done. Even industry experts do not expect generative AI tools to replace or take away a marketer’s or salesperson’s job.

Because in the end, you will always need a human to talk to humans.

Myth 2: Generative AI is a magic bullet

Generative AI is a flawless beauty just walking down the aisle of the marketing arena. The technology has taken the entire industry by storm and as it comes with immense capabilities to create content, visuals, and creative campaigns, certain teams have started taking it as a magic bullet.

The reality is, that any business achieves success by improving its operations and higher revenues. Simply adopting advanced technologies will not guarantee results, success will come when the team leaders think critically about their goals and the specific challenges that AI can pose.

Generative AI can provide you with answers to your prompts but it can’t tell you whether the choices offered are good or bad for your business. These solutions are simply designed to operate as quickly and efficiently with little input as possible.

AI doesn’t offer you out-of-the-box-ready solutions. The answers need a cleanse. Take the data, edit it, and use it effectively.

Myth 3: It is not fit for my business

While industry giants have started adopting AI in their regular campaign creation and customer service processes, many businesses think AI is not meant for them. Some small businesses carry a notion that generative AI is not for them, but the belief is far from reality.

Irrespective of the size and scale of your organization, marketers and salespeople in your organization can leverage the capabilities of AI and improve operations. Human creativity backed by generative AI offers you a competitive edge, automates your work processes, and forget better connection with your customers.

Generative AI has the potential to level up your business game. Honestly, it is fit for everyone who knows how to use it appropriately.

Future of Generative AI in Marketing and Sales

Marketers must learn how to use generative AI to create effective campaigns. It can help you with drafting marketing materials or offering quick answers to customer responses.

Combining the power of generative AI with a smart customer data platform can offer companies the perfect arsenal to gather insights on real-time insights. Additionally, it helps to deliver highly personalized at scale, such as product recommendations tailored to each customer based on their search history.

Research says that 60% of customers expect companies must respond to their concerns with the latest data in real time. Generative AI can satisfy consumers’ needs by offering sales and marketing agents generated responses in real-time.

It is time that marketers and sales departments learn the right usage of generative AI. They should harness the power of generative AI in their marketing and sales campaigns to deliver exceptional results.

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