Can These Customer-to-Customer Marketing Platforms Come in Handy to Boost Your Business Goals?

C2C or customer-to-customer enables business between two individuals mostly in an online environment. This model has emerged because of new-age technological advancements.  Some of the major benefits of C2C platforms are that customers can locate your products and services easily, the profit margins tend to be higher due to no middleman involved, the only thing that sellers have to do is to list their product or service online.

Below are some examples of popular Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Marketing tools / platforms:

  1. Bevy

Bevy is one of the leading names in the C2C community. It is a virtual as well as an in-person community events software platform. Bevy offers various tools to plan and execute the event. Some of the features it offers to scale a community are virtual events, custom integrations, tools designed for HQ teams, tools designed for local organisers, enterprise level data security, and experienced management for community members. Bevy offers three types of models to help grow communities; Build – start building your community, Grow for growing your community, and Scale to scale your community exponentially. Some of the well-known companies like Salesforce, Slack, Twitch, Asana have used Bevy to drive the success of their events.

  1. Group Spaces

Group Spaces is a London based company that provides a set of tools to facilitate seamless management of an online group. Group Spaces offers features like application management, e-mail subscriptions, event management, custom newsletters, membership database, payment processing, website management, and more. Group Space does not have a free version nor does it offer a free trial. It’s pricing starts from Starter plan for £8.99 a month, other plans offered are Pro plan for £12.99 a month, Premium plan for £29.99 a month, and Ultimate plan for £59.99 a month.

  1. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is an engaging engaging way of building an online community.  By creating a group on Facebook, marketers can discuss and share thoughts across topics, supports a common cause, learn about your product or service, or just have a simple conversation with like-minded people. The groups can be public, private and visible or private and hidden. They can also be customized. Facebook Groups offer features like group insights, group chats with members, post documents, create polls, direct buying and selling options etc.

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  1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an event technology and ticketing platform. It helps companies organize their event and sell tickets to the event online. It caters to all types of events: music concerts, dinners, photography classes or any other special event that you wish to organise, big or small. Eventbrite also has an app to run, promote or track your event even when you’re on the go. They cover everything from registrations to ticketing.  Their tools include email invitation creation, RSVP tracking and ticket selling. The sales of the tickets can be tracked via social media sites for real-time reporting and analytics to assess the attendance and success of the event. They provide their services via three packages – Essentials, Professional, and Premium.

  1. DownToMeet

DownToMeet is a platform built to organise or find and attend events. DownToMeet offer organisers an organizer-centric environment by providing them tools they would require, they ensure member privacy by letting you be known by the screen name you enter for yourself, offers customization by letting you use links and photos in the event description with fonts and colors of your choice. They also offer other features like Group privacy, photo galleries, and mobile friendly interfaces.

  1. Meetup Pro

Meetup is a platform used to organise groups and host events. Meetup Pro facilitates engagement and provides insights for managing Meetup groups. Meetup Pro can organise a network with unlimited groups on a single account and also gives the admin access to group and event data. This data can be used to make customised lists or have personalised communication with your members. They also offer email sharing option and a mailchimp integration if you want to create an email campaign. It also offers support from dedicated pro community experts for all the seven days of a week.

  1. Localist

Localist is a platform that helps you grow your community (virtually or in-person) and analyse your events with its event automation software. Localist lets you create landing pages for multiple events, it adopts your site’s brand, ensuring a seamless user experience. It ensures that your design stays responsive on any device one operates from, also provides a seamless registration and ticketing experience by offering a centralised payout system. The starting price at which you can avail their services is $800 a month.

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  1. NationBuilder

NationBuilder is a unique community engagement platform. The feature that indicates its individuality is that it is specially designed for leaders. It is most suitable for political campaigns, advocacy groups, and non-profit organisations for all sizes. You can engage your audience using one intuitive system that includes website templates, a fully integrated supporter database, online petitions, streamlined fundraising or donation system and allows you to have unlimited users and emails. The pricing starts with $29.00 per month for a leader plan and goes up to $199 per month for an organization plan.

  1. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups virtual platform helps bring together like minded people to communicate and grow together. LinkedIn Groups are not only for professionals but also for organisations aiming to build valuable connections. You can find a group by searching for it or a cause/topic and join if you share the same interest or you can create your own group that focuses around a particular topic or industry.

  1. Peatix

Peatix is a platform suitable for organisers of events like concerts, conferences etc. Peatix also allows you to explore the upcoming events based on your location. This event management and ticketing platform offers the event organisers features like various ticketing options like like barcode/ ticket scanning, online ticketing options, promotions management, mobile ticketing etc. and helps them manage their sales and attendees effortlessly. The pricing starts with $0.99 a month

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