Call Analytics Platforms: Top Features To Look Out For

Good data drives continuous improvement in a business but unfortunately, a number of telephone systems are working as black boxes, incapacitated to offer any relevant data for performance improvement. This is the gap filled by call analytics platforms.

A call tracking tool offers valuable insights from inbound calls, and the data can be used to further training objectives. This kind of tool ensures that maximum amount of data enters the CRM from each call. Of course, this system is critical and keeps the marketing and sales team a step ahead. Many enterprise sales and marketing teams have adopted call analytics tools because:

  • They offer a unified consumer view
  • They offer clear attribution of customer and prospect calls
  • It helps in consumer persona building
  • It ensures greater personalization, and
  • Improves overall sales results.

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Some of the top global call analytics and tracking providers:

1. CallRail

Get CallRail and know which type of calls are getting you more leads and conversions. The platform will further help you find out the keywords and advertisements getting more attention and reasons behind it. Of course, CallRail provides you with accurate call data, and it also lets you know the lead’s name, location, number etc.

The platforms call attribution feature bridges the gap between online and offline data and presents the actual ROI from a particular campaign. Thus, with CallRail, you will always know which billboards, brochures, mailers or flyers brought you more customers.

2. HubSpot

While talking about any MarTech tool, HubSpot somehow always makes it to the top of a list. HubSpot’s call tracking analytics help in prioritizing daily sales calls, record them from the browser and save the call records to the CRM hassle free. Get HubSpot, make less calls and earn more profit! HubSpot will let you access the customer contact and engagement data to prioritize the best calls while setting up the calling queue every day.

You can connect with any of your prospects with a click from your browser.

3. CloudTalk

Do you love using cloud in your marketing ecosystem? If so, CloudTalk is the right tool with respect to call tracking and customer analytics. As the name suggests, CloudTalk is a cloud-based call tracking tool for the sales and support team. Currently they power 2500+ call centers and phone systems. The software efficiently helps you manage your local and global presence using international numbers. With the help of Cloud Talk, marketers can manage their virtual call centers from any part of the world.

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4. CallFire

CallFire is one of the top performing call tracking and analytics platforms. It is time to grow your business with virtual contact numbers, IVR and latest texting and calling solutions to reach more and more customers. After delivering more than 4 billion messages, the software is on its way to becoming the industry leader. CallFire helps to engage your customers using text and phone call reminders, save valuable time by sending personalized messages, and increase revenue by activating lead lists.

5. Ringba

Calling prospects and leads is part of everyday selling; The Ringba platform is designed for marketing professionals and industry experts. The platform offers on-demand telecommunications in more than 60 countries. Another prominent feature is managing the sellers and buyers with advanced routing, capping and financial rules. Ringba helps you maximizing the potential of each call.

6. Marchex

Marchex is one of the leading provider of call analytics and tracking leveraging conversion intelligence. The platform lets you reach out to more customers and make the most of every opportunity. With Marchex, marketers can increase the return on the Ad Spend, rescue missed opportunities, enhance consumer engagement with on-time messaging. What more, Marchex is listed as a top sales engagement vendor by Forrester. Some of the brands using Marchex to drive their leads and calls are Meineke, Carrier, GM and so on.

If you wonder what a call analytics software can do for you then be assured that it will record the inbound and outbound calls for you, create and track business texts, help you in engaging your leads, send real-time alerts, notifications and more.

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