5 Sales and Marketing Lessons From Some of the World’s Best Tech Companies

5 Sales and Marketing Lessons From Some of the World’s Best Tech Companies

Enterprise technology and software companies approach marketing and sales activities differently these days. 

Producing original video content, meme marketing, client testimonials, video case studies and other formats like animated infographics and gifs are only a few innovative ways through which tech companies are approaching sales and marketing today. 

A dynamic marketing and sales strategy not only increases ROI from sales and marketing activities, but also goes a long way in establishing a real connection with customers and potential buyers through value-added content served across multiple channels.

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Let’s look at 5 successful sales campaigns by leading tech companies


1 – Tesla

Tesla’s (quick) success is nothing short of impressive. The brand is younger than its world-famous counterparts like BMW, Chevrolet and Audi, yet, the company ranks third on the most-mentioned brand’s list on Twitter. Their Twitter engagement numbers, which include every like, impression, re-tweet, reply, and mention, completely crushes the competition.

Even though the Tesla handle is active only four times a month, its wide popularity can be attributed to two elements. 

  • First-> the online activities and tweets by Elon Musk. Elon enjoys the following of 20.7 million users on the platform.
  • He uses a personality and shows it through his posts. This way, Tesla becomes more transparent and approachable. Another element is their live stream events. These events garner enough hype and attention with followers then taking to live-Tweeting about it.

Key Takeaway:
Tesla’s social media marketing regime is proof that executive branding goes a long way in ensuring the success and recall value of your sales and marketing campaigns.


2 – Zendesk

When Zendesk found out that people were looking for Zendesk alternatives on Google, the company decided to hijack the phrase by creating zendeskalternative.com, a mini-site showing a video optimized campaign for the phrase.

They got to the first page of Google and proved that in B2B marketing and sales, fun and frolic can create an impact!

Zendesk earned a lot of goodwill for taking the bold step. 

Key Takeaway:
The content marketing campaign could have turned against the company, but they took a shot anyway. Messaging that stands out is key to driving sales and marketing conversations and creating the right interest. 


3 – Deloitte Insights

Deloitte, a professional services company specializing in tech, auditing, consulting, and more works with multiple industries, from government agencies to life sciences and healthcare. This broad range is a major USP for Deloitte Insights. 

This is why Deloitte Insights uses informed content creation for individual audiences, as a leading marketing strategy. It also positions itself as a resource to help share their insights with the world. 

Key Takeaway:
Deloitte Insights boasts of one distinct quality that stands out in B2B content- besides being valuable, its content is also re-purposed into various formats, from podcasts — webcasts — to blogs. 

When marketers segment buyer personas and serve them hyper-personalized content through microsites and knowledge centers in the format they prefer accessing, it drives better business outcomes. 

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4 – Wistia

Often times, B2B companies struggle to communicate with their audience because their product is too-technical. This doesn’t prevent Wistia from connecting with its customers on a more human-level. The online video software company positions itself as a fun and playful brand.

Wistia’s tagline reads “video platform for business. And dogs.”

While providing all the information you might need on their website, they have the image of a woman playfully dancing with a toy video camera. On their site, they produce helpful content with tips and advice on video marketing.

Key Takeaway:

Throughout their marketing on social channel, the images and copy serve to keep the brand image as playful and fun as possible. Wistia even hosts The Febbies annually, an award show for their buyers along with a live stream that’s equally goofy with the creativity they show in their marketing campaigns.

B2B brands who experiment by creating a vibrant impression can in turn savor a more lasting impression in a potential customer’s mind!

5 – Slack

This workplace communication app company has a lot going for it. The collaborative tool’s marketing team uses original illustrations throughout marketing campaigns to give it a distinctive digital style. 

They have an intensely informative blog with a clever name too- “Several people are typing”.

The blog covers how people across the board can use Slack to make workplace communications more effective and manageable. 

Additionally, they have a podcast, Work in Progress, where they tell interesting stories about the various career paths people take and the meaning they find in it.

All of these examples show how B2B or tech marketing and sales is constantly evolving. It’s not just the tech that is changing! 

With collaboration on the rise in the martech / salestech segments, there is more need for companies to create a difference in how they connect with customers and how they choose to put their message across.

Here are five tips that summarize the learnings from these five companies:
  • You don’t just need executive branding on social media, you need something different!
  • It’s time to make more bold and creative moves in the B2B marketing and sales industry.
  • Know your customers and segment them to offer a better buying experience.
  • Present your value proposition in creative ways, across content formats, through multiple online channels!
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