Balto First to Introduce Real-Time Guidance in Spanish for the Contact Center

Spanish-speaking agents now have access to bilingual conversation excellence features to drive conversions, maintain compliance, and improve customer experiences

Balto, the #1 real-time guidance platform for contact centers with over 140 million guided conversations worldwide, announced that its flagship product, Real-Time Guidance, is now available in Spanish — making it first in the market to offer conversation excellence at scale to U.S. Spanish-speaking contact centers and their customers.

“Balto’s mission is to power a new era of knowledge work in the contact center, where the modern worker collaborates with artificial intelligence to make informed, real-time decisions,” said Balto COO Chris Kontes. “Balto in Spanish is an important next step to further that mission, unlocking real-time guidance for millions of Spanish-speaking and multilingual contact center workers, and enabling them to better serve customers.”

Balto recognized the vital need to connect with this massive market and create quality customer experiences.

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According to Pew Research, there are roughly 40 million Spanish-speaking Hispanics in the U.S., making Spanish the second most spoken language in the U.S. By 2050, the Latino population is projected to be 132.8 million, or 30.2% of the total projected U.S. population. Balto recognized the vital need to connect with this massive market and create quality customer experiences that English-speaking customers have come to expect.

Most contact centers route Spanish-speaking customers to a handful of bilingual agents (i.e., “Press 2 for Spanish”) who are far too often ill-prepared for the breadth of sales, customer support, and compliance information they must manage for Spanish-triaged customers. Those agents face the same challenges as any agent without Balto: they don’t have proper guidance on calls to win deals and provide positive customer experiences while staying compliant.

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Balto in Spanish solves these issues by riding along the call with bilingual agents and guiding them using established playbooks to say the right things for the best possible outcome, no matter the use case. Spanish-speaking customers receive the same exceptional experience as their English-speaking counterparts.

Sondra Ford, senior compliance officer at Trusted Senior Specialists, LLC, a Balto customer, is enthusiastic about the product launch for Spanish speakers, saying, “The ability to use compliant and measurable diverse languages as we resolve the needs of others is a great reward for everyone! Thank you Balto for initiating progress.”

Balto in Spanish includes top features that Real-Time Guidance customers depend on to optimize their calls, including:

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