Saleo Launches “Saleo Live” Product to Transform Software Demo Environments

Today Saleo, the leading demo experience platform, announced the launch of Saleo Live. The recently enhanced product helps software companies completely transform their existing demo environments into data-complete, relevant demos that help pre-sales and sales teams turn more deals into “closed won.” Saleo is rated #1 for likelihood to recommend and ease of use in the presales category on G2 and has seen record growth since launch.

For most software companies, the demo creation and delivery process is fraught with challenges, including bad demo data, unstable demo environments, generic use cases, costly demo prep time, and expensive engineering investment in supporting the demo environment. Sales engineers and solutions consultants are burdened with these daily challenges and struggle to deliver exceptional demos across different buyer personas and industries. Spending numerous hours or several days preparing for a demo is burdensome and costly to the business at large.

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With Saleo Live™, sales engineers and solutions consultants can easily create no-code custom demos within minutes, and easily share their demo templates across the entire sales team. Saleo provides full control of our users’ live SaaS application; including customization of text, tables, images, graphs, and metrics, which creates the power to tailor any relevant use case (in real-time) and dramatically transforms the go-to-market motion for pre-sales and account executives.

“The north star with Saleo and Saleo Live™ has always been resolute – we believe that software companies should be able to demo their live native SaaS product with full control and complete reliability. Anything else is unauthentic. Fake screenshots, HTML screen capture, and click-through demos lead to a disingenuous buying experience from pre-sales,” said Justin McDonald, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Saleo. “Saleo is the only platform in the market that empowers full control of every element in a live SaaS product; the end result is a transformed demo experience that leads to reduced pre-sales costs and higher win rates.”

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“The reaction to our latest release has been incredibly positive from Sales & Product Marketing teams,” said Daniel Hellerman, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Saleo. “The reaction to Saleo from the pre-sales market has been overwhelming. We are solving an age-old problem with a unique architecture that puts sales engineers at the forefront of the solution. Screenshots and click-throughs from existing solutions have been prohibitive, and limit sales teams to on-rails demos, where they can’t showcase their genuine application; Saleo Live™ has unleashed their potential.”

“Saleo Live™ is the authentic way for sales to run demos out of your production environment. By sharing demo templates, our sales engineers build custom demos in every deal cycle. Now with Saleo, every prospect sees the real power of our software adapted to their exact use case” said Bryan Wade, Chief Product Officer of Terminus.

The newest release of Saleo Live™ includes Single Sign On (SSO), a more sophisticated modeling engine to support advanced graph permutations, updated user experience (UX), advanced user permissioning, and a new token system that scales personalization.

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