RFPIO Integrates GPT to Help Marketing, Sales, Finance and Security Leaders Respond to Customer Requests for Proposals and Other Information

RFPIO, the leading response management platform, today announced it will offer generative AI capabilities within its software to help marketing, sales, finance and security professionals create and edit proposals, questionnaires and other responses that play a vital role in revenue growth and risk mitigation for their organizations.

RFPIO believes generative AI has enormous potential to help response teams automate simple and repetitive tasks, while freeing more time for strategy, creativity and customer engagement. Consider a sales leader who needs short, timely answers for a few specific questions for a customer proposal – not long and detailed responses. The sales leader can ask RFPIO’s GPT assistant to quickly summarize existing long-form content into shorter responses. In other situations, the sales leader can use generative AI to elaborate, paraphrase, or change passive voice to active voice, or turn legalese into plain language.

An industry first, RFPIO’s GPT assistant is now available in beta for certain RFPIO early access customers and will become generally available to customers on an opt-in basis in summer 2023. Customers can use the GPT assistant to simplify content creation and editing for RFPs, RFIs, due diligence and security questionnaires. RFPIO’s GPT assistant is sourced from GPT large language models, which have learned from reading millions of documents how to analyze and process language. GPT is the base language for ChatGPT, first introduced by OpenAI in November 2022.

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“There is no question that GPT will help businesses embrace large language models to drive greater workplace productivity,” said AJ Sunder, Chief Product Officer and CIO, RFPIO. “We believe generative AI will help response teams draft responses, perfect the response language with easy writing aids, and provide complete, compliant responses every time. In short, this new capability can help responders to be even more effective and efficient with their work.”

“Our research shows that B2B customers value rapid, relevant and personalized responses to their questions more than face time, fancy meals and flattery,” said Stephen Diorio, managing director of The Revenue Enablement Institute. “Response management – which is the ability to give customers answers to their questions quickly, correctly, in context of their situation, and at scale – is a critical capability in modern sales and marketing scenarios.”

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Nearly 2,000 companies worldwide rely on RFPIO to manage their responses to RFPs, RFIs, security questionnaires, due diligence questionnaires and other relevant customer inquiries. Each response can involve input from dozens of subject matter experts across the company. With GPT integration, users of RFPIO’s response management platform now have the option to use the GPT engine to edit, refine and augment content within a company’s Content Library in RFPIO. Initial functions in RFPIO’s GPT assistant include:

  • Create first draft: Draft an initial response based on the question.
  • Elaborate: Use simple key word prompts to let the system provide a detailed response.
  • Summarize: Convert lengthy verbose responses to shorter responses where appropriate.
  • Change to plain language: Convert texts to be plain language compliant for readability and comprehension.
  • Improve readability: Improve readability of responses through simpler language and reformatting.
  • Change passive to active: Convert responses from passive voice to active voice.
  • Check grammar/spelling/punctuation: Check grammar, spelling and punctuation errors with one click.

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