Pluto7 Enables Intelligent Supply Chains for Google Cloud Customers by Launching Cloud-Ready Data Foundation Solutions

Pluto7, a leading provider of supply chain data foundation solutions, announced the strengthening of their partnership with Google Cloud, enabling cloud-ready, click-to-deploy solutions that create a fast and sustainable path to value for their customers looking to solve use cases such as Demand Forecasting, Demand Sensing, Inventory Management, and more. By de-siloing the data with this flexible platform, customers today get the best of both Pluto7’s supply chain domain expertise and Google Cloud’s centralized cloud proficiency to unlock insights and make decisions for their supply chain in real-time. This solution ultimately sets the foundation for building a control tower or a digital twin for the supply chain, driving internal efficiencies as well as better customer experience.

Today’s supply chains are heavily dependent on data which includes APIs, spreadsheets, SAP, and various forms of third-party sources to accurately manage operations, yet many business executives struggle with high volumes of unstructured data and have a lack of contextual understanding within their operations. Customers now need a decision intelligence layer for which having the right data foundation enabled for AI is essential in connecting your data across processes, and sources to enable flexible ML modeling capabilities with full transparency with the code and algorithms. This pursuit towards more data-driven supply chains has been a top priority for the partnership between Pluto7 and Google Cloud, as within a few clicks, these solutions help to orchestrate the many complex architectural components across supply chain nodes without the customer having to start from scratch.

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“Pluto7 solutions enable insightful information and high-quality decision making. They deliver advanced data processing, contextual insight, and forecasting, and this Platform-enabled solution can be deployed in just a few minutes. It sets up a platform for addressing e2e use case(s) where customers can derive near-term value from pre-built solutions and continue to build more use cases on the platform in less than 20% of the time.” Says Prashant Dhingra, Chief Technology Officer at Pluto7.

With the Click-to-Deploy solution, this partnership provides the customer with the tools and knowledge to successfully deploy the solution in their cloud instance and data domain. And with ongoing support, maintenance, and strategy services built into the solution, customers working with Pluto7 and Google Cloud build a foundation that allows them to seamlessly integrate their internal, external, and third-party data for rapid response planning with ML and advanced analytics.

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“Organizations across industries know that to make informed, timely business decisions about supply chain operations, they need ready-access to data and integrated cloud technologies,” said Ritika Suri, Director, Technology Partnerships, Google Cloud. “With Pluto7’s new Click-to-Deploy solutions available on Google Cloud, customers can quickly connect their data and internal systems with their Google Cloud environment and leading capabilities in data and analytics, giving them the power to drive data-informed decisions across their forecasting, sensing, and inventory management operations.”

The next step is to help define the transformation path for the company. This process helps customers understand their long-term goals and how they can benefit from the solutions. This partnership is committed to helping them create a data and AI strategy that will address their specific needs. Whether building a data foundation, implementing factory automation, or forecasting demand, the combined effort from Pluto7 and Google Cloud can help them achieve their goals.

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