Pipedrive Unveils Its New Evolved Brand, Reflecting the Company’s Commitment to Driving the Growth of SMBs

Pipedrive, the global sales-first CRM and intelligent revenue management platform for small businesses, unveils its new brand today. Leading with the tagline “The one platform to grow your business”, the new evolved branding embodies the company’s shift in its strategic focus and evolution into a multi-product platform to serve small businesses.

“Our customers have transformed considerably over the years as our users have grown with us from micros to strong small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We’re committed to building the best platform to drive small businesses’ growth and our new brand expresses that. Inspired by the pains and successes of our users, we constantly seek to develop easy and effective tools that enable people, teams and companies to achieve their best possible performance. Everything we do is for real people and real results,” said Heidrun Luyt, CMO at Pipedrive.

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The new brand reflects the company’s future focus and stretch to new solutions to help SMBs grow their business. The philosophy behind the positioning statement “for real people and real results” is the drive to assist people and make their lives as easy and productive as possible. Building further on the heritage of its sales tools, Pipedrive has evolved into a multi-product platform that connects areas across the business, from lead generation to nurturing client relationships, to an all-around business tool. Pipedrive has recently expanded its product suite with an integrated marketing solution that’s been exceptionally well received by users – Campaigns by Pipedrive. In a few months, Pipedrive will launch additional products to provide a smooth transition from sales to after-sales project delivery. “Giving customers the tools they need to unlock next-level growth and their full commercial potential is the key competence of Pipedrive. Our new brand reflects this evolution,” said Luyt.

The brand’s evolved visual identity is founded on Pipedrive’s purpose and proposition, expressing its dedication to creating software that’s easy to use as well as effective, helping people and businesses grow. The new visual identity, which reflects the company’s future focus to drive growth, was created in collaboration with an internationally recognized branding agency, Studio Dumbar.

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“Green is back as Pipedrive’s main brand color in a refreshed, confident and more mature shade. Together with purples and yellows, it ties past to future and creates an energetic and dynamic color combination that the company can proudly own. The new, evolved logo celebrates its past style in a simplified version, connected with an easy-on-the-eye font, and a brand architecture based on the principles of clarity and unity,” said Tom Dorresteijn, Strategy Director, Studio Dumbar. With the focus on real people, the current illustration-based design language will be enhanced by authentic, natural photography of diverse people in their real workplaces, representing Pipedrive’s customers and the personal relationships based on trust that underpin their success. This conviction to help small business grow is expressed by growth shapes moving in simple motions up and onwards. “By bringing all these elements together, Pipedrive’s new, evolved brand identity builds on the strength of its past and looks toward its future with mature confidence,” added Dorresteijn.

Increasing brand awareness and creating brand perception are Pipedrive’s strategic priorities for supporting business growth. “We aim to invest more than ever into the brand to spread the word about our easy-to-use and effective product and demonstrate how it can be life-changing for small businesses,” said Luyt. Pipedrive has already initiated the brand activation stage centered around a brand marketing campaign showcasing moments of customer success and growth with Pipedrive.

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