Outreach Unveils New Features Across Sales Execution Platform, Empowering Sales Leaders to Efficiently Create More Pipeline and Predictably Close More Deals

Introduces seven new platform capabilities to help sales leaders unlock seller productivity, increase deal velocity and conversion rates, and improve rep participation and attainment

Outreach, the leading sales execution platform helping revenue organizations create and close more pipeline, today announced seven new platform innovations across the Outreach Sales Execution Platform. These new features are designed to empower sales leaders to unlock seller productivity, increase deal velocity and conversion rates, and increase rep participation and attainment. The announcements were made at the company’s Explore+ event where more than 7,000 attendees registered to learn how to thrive in this new era for B2B sales.

“Today, Chief Revenue Officers are facing two major problems: pipeline coverage and conversion. They need to create an adequate amount of pipeline, and close it at a greater rate,” said Manny Medina, CEO and cofounder of Outreach. “That’s why Outreach has been on a journey to expand our offerings to solve our customers biggest problems today. Our goal is to provide sales leaders with a single platform to manage all of their deals – from creating more pipeline to closing more deals. Today’s announcements at Explore+ are an important milestone in our platform journey, and we look forward to continue innovating for the 30 million B2B salespeople around the world to help them unleash their selling potential.”

“Outreach’s new platform innovations empower sales teams to create and close more pipeline, faster”

In the past, sales leaders were forced to rely on point solutions to help them build healthy pipeline coverage and increase pipeline conversion. They typically purchased one solution for prospecting, a different solution for call recording or rep coaching, and separate solutions for pipeline management and forecasting. However, this sales technology sprawl is expensive, and requires reps to access a handful of different systems to work on just one deal. It also creates data silos that make it near impossible to answer important questions such as what actions lead to revenue-generating outcomes. The industry has never had a single place to generate and manage pipeline, run sales cycles from creation to close, coach reps, and forecast – until now.

With its Sales Execution Platform, Outreach is bringing to market never-before-seen capabilities in a single platform for sales leaders to manage their sales team’s workflows — from pipeline creation to deal close. Sales leaders at companies of all sizes are increasingly leveraging the Outreach Sales Execution Platform as their organization’s foundation to operationalize, observe, and optimize their investments in sales methodologies and processes. The platform provides full visibility across the buyer journey, and delivers deal insights that prompt reps to take targeted actions to increase conversion rates and close more pipeline. Turning signals into actions, Outreach’s proprietary AI/ML models result in massive gains in deal management.

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New Innovations Empower Sales Teams to Create and Close More Pipeline, Faster

  • Improve ongoing pipeline performance with the NEW Create and Close Dashboard: Provides sales reps and sales managers a high-level pipeline coverage summary and starting point to dive into specific activities required to either close or create more pipeline. The insight-laden dashboard shows the forecasted revenue from existing pipeline, and highlights pipeline coverage gaps for the current and future quarter, which helps reps proactively mitigate risk earlier and drive to success.
  • Drive pipeline growth with AI-driven metrics and targeted actions in the NEW Create Pipeline Calculator: Allows sales reps and sales managers with weak pipeline coverage to gain insights into the number of prospects that would need to be sequenced in order to close their coverage gap. The calculator projects how many meetings the sequences would deliver and how much pipeline that would likely generate based on the customer’s recent sales conversion rate history.
  • Automatically detect buyer sentiment with the NEW Buyer Topics and Reactions in KaiaThis new feature in Kaia, Outreach’s Conversation Intelligence solution, allows reps to quickly make decisions on how to move forward with a deal based on buyer reactions during a call. Using AI, Outreach is able to understand the contextual utterance of relevant sales topics in any meeting or email – ranging from pricing to product to next steps to support – and can understand when the buyer raised an objection at any point in the meeting. It delivers invaluable insight into what is really happening in meetings, down to each moment, and at scale across all meetings.
  • Bring new levels of predictability to deal management with NEW Success Plans Methodologies – Integrates all of the relevant components of leading sales methodologies, including MEDDIC, MEDDPICC, and SPIN, in Success Plans. This enables teams of sales reps to consistently and continuously qualify deals and align with champions to mitigate deal risk.
  • Boost seller efficiency to close the right deals faster with NEW Deal Grid: A new home screen for account executives, listing all of their deals sorted by health score and value so they can prioritize their time on closing deals with greatest needs and quota impact first. It helps reps quickly update the status of their opportunities and submit forecasts. This allows speedy updates to deal status and instant sync back to CRM, saving reps time by reducing manual effort and enabling all closing activity to happen in Outreach.
  • View critical deal details in a single space in the NEW Deal Overview: Delivers a clear and succinct overview of a deal exhibiting key information including AI generated insights like Deal Health and buyer reactions. These are important in determining next steps for Success Plans to help a rep follow their company’s sales methodology for greater success in increasing win rates.
  • Boost rep participation and quota attainment with NEW Pipeline Dashboard: Provides sales leaders with the most critical revenue data on a consistent basis to accurately forecast and report expectations to the board.

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Outreach recently announced two additional innovations:

  • Increase seller productivity via generative AI with Smart Email Assist: AI-powered automatic email response generator moves beyond email templates and auto generates accurate and relevant email copy based on the prior context of conversations between buyers and sellers. As a result, sales reps can respond faster to customers and move deals forward.
  • Gain new Insights with Outreach Data Sharing on the Snowflake Data Cloud: By combining Outreach’s sales data with data from other enterprise applications on the Snowflake Data Cloud, the new offering is now in public beta and helps joint customers uncover efficiencies and identify new opportunities across the entire sales cycle.

Customers Create More Pipeline and Close More Deals with Outreach 

  • “Over the past year, our forecasting accuracy has increased by 45% — and that’s only going to increase the longer we use Outreach, said Kumbi Murinda, Director of RevOps at NewtonX. “Outreach empowers VPs to know exactly what reps are doing in their pipeline. It also gives them guidance on what deals should be pushed back or moved forward, as well as what should be closed and moved out of the pipeline completely. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t had that forecast accuracy.”
  • “Outreach has helped with discussions around the likelihood of closing, based on clear activity data,” said Salvatore Cirillo, Chief of Staff to the Revenue Officer at Renaissance. “Now we now have insights to say what’s working, what’s not, and when can we really rely on what we’re seeing in these systems to tell us if this is likely to be a deal that we’re going to win.”

These seven new capabilities are currently in development. Customers interested in participating in beta programs should connect with their account rep.

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