New Customer Dashboard Headlines the GUIDEcx October Release

Industry-leading Customer Dashboard sets teams up for success.

GUIDEcx, the leader in client onboarding software, recently announced the latest feature additions and updates within the platform designed to better manage customers, increase customer retention and satisfaction, streamline onboarding processes and increase tracking capabilities.

“The goal of providing a best-in-class experience for our customers drives every decision we make at GUIDEcx,” says Pete Ord, founder and CEO. “We pride ourselves on being able to not only understand the current needs of our customers but also anticipate their future needs and then provide a solution for them. Our latest release gives our customers guided insights that allow them to optimize their processes, drive customer satisfaction and help reduce churn.”

The new updates and features include the following:

  • Customer Dashboard: Better manage your customers with a high-level overview of their active projects and gain insight into customer health via consolidated CSAT scores and aggregated task and project statuses.
  • CSAT Tool (Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool): GUIDEcx’s CSAT tool gives providers insight into how customers feel during and after their onboarding experience, guiding decisions to modify processes to deliver more customer service and value.
  • Integrations Marketplace: Streamline your onboarding processes through the GUIDEcx Integrations Marketplace, where you’ll find purpose-built integrations to your sales, success and communication applications. Learn more about available integrations, manage your connections and self-onboard.
  • Status Change Reasons: Status Change Reasons give providers the ability to track why a project is on hold, delayed or canceled so they can identify areas that require additional attention, mitigate risks for project delays and keep key stakeholders informed throughout the process.

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In addition to these new updates and features, GUIDEcx has added new integration capabilities for Jira and SharePoint that will allow customers to increase automation and keep projects simple. GUIDEcx has also added multiple functions for resource management, enhanced COMPASS project notes and notifications, implemented a watch list for tasks, added new fields to the template library and augmented the template analysis dashboard. Each of these updates contributes to the path of innovation GUIDEcx continues to provide for their customers.

GUIDEcx will continue to build client confidence through visibility into the processes and products so their customers, in turn, can succeed.

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“We continue to invest in helping organizations work better together,” said Cody Irwin, vice president of product. “Our new Customer Management experience will help providers better program manage complex customers that have multiple projects in flight, our Integrations Marketplace redoubles our commitment to have integrations that help organizations work smarter with existing systems and our CSAT feature will help providers and customers engage in new ways and improve. We’re excited to see how these updates help providers GUIDE their customers toward successful onboarding experiences.”

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