NetHunt CRM Launches Sales Automation Inside Gmail

NetHunt CRM has launched expanded capabilities to help businesses accelerate their growth. The new features focus on the automation of sales, marketing, and business workflows. NetHunt users can now better manage their customer relationships, drive engagement further, and close more deals by utilizing automated workflows directly out of their Gmail inbox.

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NetHunt has continued its evolution from CRM system to dedicated growth platform. “Workflows” uses rule-based logic to automate cumbersome manual work by assigning tasks based on user-set rules. In doing so, it saves salespeoples’ time from data entry and lead nurturing, eliminates errors, and boosts cross-team productivity.

NetHunt CEO and co-founder, Andrei Petrik, offered insight into the feature:

“The concept of automation is tied to complex solutions and long-winded set-up processes. In developing this feature, our goal was to break down this misconception and put out a bitesize, user-friendly feature – I believe we’ve achieved that goal. There are no complex integrations; there’s no need to be a coding wiz. Everything you need is there in a simple constructor with an intuitive interface. In fact, all you need is an understanding of your business and a dab of creativity. Workflows takes the hard work out of working hard.”

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NetHunt’s latest feature release includes:

1. Webforms for capturing data and enriching CRM records. This data comprises prospect names, emails, landing pages, referrers, subscription type, and any other webform data.

2. Drip campaigns for lead nurturing. Custom workflows are triggered based on sales activity, CRM data updates, and customer actions. Workflow boundaries are only limited by user imagination.

3. Sales pipeline automation offers a visualized, automated customer journey. Engagement flows and triggers move leads through the sales funnel.

4. Automated linking of email conversations and chat messages to client profiles, keeping Records up-to-date in real-time.

5. Triggered notifications and alerts whenever something noteworthy happens with a customer or deal.

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