ItsaCheckmate launches Marketplace, a next-generation open API platform

Marketplace is a ground-breaking technology distribution platform allowing the hospitality industry to rapidly deploy and scale new digital ordering solutions

ItsaCheckmate, the center of a restaurant’s digital ordering business, announces Marketplace, a platform that allows innovators and startups to build a single integration that instantly provides them with access to over 50 different point-of-sale systems and 20,000 restaurant locations globally.

The hospitality industry has evolved over the years, with establishments rapidly expanding beyond their four walls and connecting to the on-demand world. Third-party delivery platforms have certainly proven their relevance during the pandemic and continue to grow and expand. But what’s next? The on-demand world is evolving to include a diverse mix of solutions including artificial intelligence, social media ordering, text-to-order, kiosk ordering, robot & drone delivery, in-store QR code ordering, marketing & loyalty solutions, and so much more. With Marketplace, ItsaCheckmate bridges the gap between this new wave of restaurant technology and its adoption, providing an immense boost to the digital transformation initiatives of its restaurant customers.

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For technology companies, Marketplace provides a self-service, developer-friendly, open API platform that allows them to build a single integration and be able to read and write to over 50 different POS systems within a few days (including some custom POSs of the biggest brands in the world)! Over the last 5 years, ItsaCheckmate has built direct and deep-rooted integrations with these POS systems which have been battle-tested to handle over 12M+ transactions per month. ItsaCheckmate invites restaurant technology providers, of all shapes and sizes, to integrate into our Marketplace and rapidly have their solutions available for adoption! Some early adopters range from restaurant commerce platforms like GoTab, Inc., to artificial intelligence startups like ConverseNow and OhWaiter to robot delivery startups like Coco. As with every ItsaCheckmate offering, Marketplace boasts a concierge-like onboarding experience and best-in-class, around-the-clock support.

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For restaurants, ItsaCheckmate has created a simple user interface for its customers to easily plug and play these solutions as and when they become available. Since ItsaCheckmate is already integrated with the restaurant’s core infrastructure, the Point of Sale, the friction, or hassle to adopt new technology, is completely removed.

“We are excited to make the next evolution of restaurant technology available for our customers quickly and easily,” said Vishal Agarwal, ItsaCheckmate Founder and CEO. “The launch of Marketplace marks an incredible milestone in our journey. We are first and foremost an engineering company and it is crucial for us to ensure our customers always have access to the best and latest technology solutions. Marketplace reinforces our leadership in the technology enablement space by promoting the deployment and adoption of new ordering/fulfilment channels, and business models.”

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