Introducing Terminal49 DataSync: Revolutionizing Container Tracking and Milestone Syncing for Streamlined Operations

Terminal49, a leading supply chain visibility provider, is proud to announce the launch of Terminal49 DataSync, a cutting-edge solution that offers seamless integration of container tracking data without an API integration. With Terminal49 DataSync, businesses can now effortlessly sync all their shipment and container milestone data directly to their preferred database, spreadsheet, or data warehouse, with guaranteed hourly updates.

Terminal49 DataSync simplifies integration by eliminating the need for inefficient REST API connections. Instead, it provides direct data transfer through native database protocols, syncing the latest container data every hour. This streamlined approach allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from near-instant access to their containers’ latest updates.

“We are incredibly excited about the launch of DataSync, as it is poised to revolutionize the landscape for those grappling with API development or lacking the necessary technical resources for integration,” expressed Namita Dodeja, Head of Customer Success at Terminal49. “Our aim is to provide a method-agnostic solution that caters to your specific needs. Whether you prefer consuming container tracking data within your existing systems or through a different approach, DataSync empowers you to effortlessly access the data where you need it. By eliminating the integration work, you can focus on leveraging the data to drive business decisions, saving valuable resources that would otherwise be spent on tracking tasks.”

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Terminal49 DataSync offers a host of features and benefits, including:

Easy Access to Data: No API requirement to access Terminal49 data. Use it in a Google Spreadsheet with accurate updates every hour.

Simplified Integration: By leveraging native database protocols, businesses can seamlessly sync data from Terminal49 to their preferred data warehouse, eliminating the need for complex REST API connections. Setup takes about an hour instead of weeks or months of developer time.

Best Practices Included: Terminal49 DataSync ensures encrypted data transfer and SOC2 compliance, providing businesses with peace of mind. Partnering with data synchronization specialists who continually upgrade their systems guarantees the highest standards of data security.

Familiar Tools: Businesses can continue using their existing systems without having to add a new interface to the mix, or integrate or manually populate tracking data.

With Terminal49 DataSync, businesses can say goodbye to long implementation timelines. In just three simple steps – sending credentials, a one-hour table configuration call, and populating the data – businesses can swiftly set up and start harnessing the power of near-instant data access.

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Terminal49 offers comprehensive container tracking, combining milestone data from a wide range of sources, including ocean carriers, ocean terminals, intermodal rail, vessel AIS tracking, and vessel schedules. With over 30 directly integrated ocean carriers, 60+ integrated terminals, and real-time monitoring of 5,000 container vessels worldwide, Terminal49 ensures businesses have a reliable source of truth for all their container milestones.

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