How Papmall Is Reshaping the E-commerce Industry With Their Evolutionary Technology

Rose like a phoenix during the pandemic, papmall international e-commerce platform has shown the potential of being one of the biggest players in e-commerce.

Rose like a phoenix during the pandemic, papmall international e-commerce platform has followed the path of their fellow predecessors Amazon, eBay, Fiver, Upwork, and shown the potential of being one of the biggest players in the e-commerce industry.

In their early state, papmall has already become a friendly face in over 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Australia, and India. papmall’s mission is to bring a community-powered playground to Freelancers, Startups, and SMEs globally, create a safe, sustainable, and convenient environment, as well as a better, stronger connection for Businesses all over the world.

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“Technology and innovation must be the locomotives for any business. Without them, we’ll be digging our own grave. Therefore, papmall must constantly advance and keep moving forward.”

— papmall® CEO Jimmy Lee

What makes papmall technology superior to others?

The core of every digital business is its technology, and this e-commerce startup is no exception. papmall prides themself on cutting-edge technology and their ability to fulfill customers’ greatest wishes, give their users a seamless customer experience. “Technology and innovation must be the locomotives for any business. Without them, we’ll be digging our own graves.”, in adherence to papmall founder Jimmy Lee’s motto, papmall Research & Development team is constantly keeping up with the latest telecommunication innovations, studying them, and transforming the technologies to serve their Sellers and Buyers benefits most efficiently.

papmall provides an integrated Cloud Dashboard also known as the Seller Center that can assist entrepreneurs to manage all of their daily operations anytime, anywhere with just a few mouse clicks. The Dashboard helps Sellers to keep track of their order placement, handle customer feedback, update merchandise inventory, calculate pricing, cost, and income. Hence, save a lot of Sellers’ time so they can use that energy to improve their products and services. Along with the Seller Center, papmall® comes with an eCommerce chatbot, which serves as a bridge to connect Buyers and Sellers helping them to conveniently exchange information, transparently communicate their requirements, and deliver the best outcomes possible. The Cloud-Based Solution also supports Sellers to create an endless amount of products to sell on the site without the fear of losing any data and gives them the ability to access their data from multiple devices at once, anytime they want, so that Sellers can use their tablet and desktop simultaneously to manage their orders. This system makes papmall a fully functional, easy-to-use platform that requires users with no prior knowledge of technology, design, or management, and still able to run their online businesses efficiently.

In addition to the Cloud-Based technology, papmall® is furnished with many modern marketing tools like SEO optimization, Recommendation System, Smart Search, Retention Pop-ups, and Remarketing Algorithm. These marketing integrations make Sellers’ products appear on top of common search engines, increase products’ rate of impressions to their potential Buyers, therefore escalate purchase rate, and multiply every Seller’s profit. Moreover, the papmall® marketing department is a dedicated team of experts who are always willing to promote Sellers with multimedia communication channels, email marketing, special brand boosting tactics, and informative online selling training courses. Most importantly, all of these marketing-supported tools are provided to papmall® Sellers and Buyers with a next to nothing service charge.

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What can Sellers and Buyers expect from papmall?

Founded in 2019, papmall is steadily growing and aiming to become a truly global e-commerce platform. For the purpose of connecting Freelancers and Businesses internationally, supporting startups and SMEs with everything they need to grow their organizations on a global scale, and helping everyone who wishes to become a Seller have a store of their own on the papmall platform. In the next few years, papmall is intended to develop their service in 99 countries and territories across Europe, the Pacific Asia, South Asia, America, and Africa.

Along with their extension, papmall promises to keep abreast of the latest trends in the telecommunications industry, continuously improve their interface to optimize user seamless experience, and evolve their technology to the next level including using artificial intelligence to forecast the market tendency and come up with the most advanced trading recommendations for papmall customers.

Up to now, papmall – global e-commerce platform has been efficiently keeping up with their initial commitment, and also adding these values to their goals to strive for:

Create a seamless community-driven e-commerce platform for all freelancers, startups, SMEs, and businesses to connect universally without any border, language barriers, or difficulties of access.Provide multiple payment methods for online businesses to maximize convenience in the checkout process and erase the complication in currency conversion.Assist startups, small and medium enterprises in upscaling and going global to reach their full potential and achieve their business goals.And most importantly, enhance papmall® technologies to the greatest possibilities and provide their customers with the best services.

In the near future, papmall wishes to reshape the e-commerce industry with their evolutionary technology and accompany businesses with all of their advanced functionalities, so that no one is left behind in this digital era, and entrepreneurs won’t have to invest so much of their time and energy jumping on the bandwagon.

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