Hero Digital’s New Healthcare CX Index Gives Leaders the Formula for Digital Transformation Success

The Healthcare CX Index tells leaders what consumers value most so they can make critical choices and eliminate risk when it comes to digital transformation.

Hero Digital, a leading independent digital transformation company, has released its annual Healthcare CX Index. The report uncovers the hidden attributes driving both brand choice and advocacy in the healthcare space, focusing on four generations: Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers, and four industry sub-sectors: Primary Care, Urgent Care, Medical Specialties, and Pharma.

Every healthcare customer experience, no matter how trivial, is influenced by human emotions. Stress is ever present and patients are seeking guidance through personal challenges. At the same time, patients are interacting with healthcare professionals in new ways. Telehealth is expanding, in-depth information is at everyone’s fingertips, and personalized content guides people throughout their health journey. Consequently, knowing what your customers value, how well you are performing, and where to invest resources is imperative in today’s healthcare environment.

“Healthcare customer experiences are layered engagements with multiple touchpoints. Enhancing in-person interactions with the right digital experiences creates lasting connections with your customers,” said Kerri Drozd, SVP Strategy at Hero Digital. “Our Healthcare CX Index is designed to help business leaders take meaningful actions that positively impact people’s lives and business outcomes.”

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The Healthcare CX Index reveals aspects that drive customer priorities when choosing a healthcare company and how different generations rank those priorities. Additionally, the index dives further into healthcare subsectors and the top values patients rank among them, allowing for greater insight regarding what resonates with the average healthcare consumer.

Top customer experience attributes driving advocacy across generations:

  • 30% of Gen Z customers rank empowerment and disruption as top customer experience attributes when recommending a healthcare company.
  • 60% of Millennials rank empathy and principles as top customer experience attributes when recommending a healthcare company.
  • 30% of Gen X customers rank access and ease as top customer experience attributes when recommending a healthcare company.
  • 20% of Boomers rank price and stature as top customer experience attributes when recommending a healthcare company.

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Customer values by industry sub-sector:

  • Primary care customers are willing to pay more for a customer experience that makes them feel heard and understood.
  • Urgent care customers desire in-person services supplemented by digital experiences.
  • Medical specialties customers are looking for recommendations from the world’s leading experts.
  • Pharmacy customers seek genuine trust with every interaction.

Hero Digital’s annual CX Index surveyed 3,000+ people across 52 brands in consumer goods, financial services, wellness, and healthcare. The index’s framework identifies the attributes that are most likely to drive both customer choice and brand advocacy while providing a framework for successful digital transformation.

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