FuseIT Announces Launch of Send2CRM Connector on Salesforce AppExchange

Send2CRM has officially launched on the Salesforce AppExchange. This sales accelerator delivers real-time, comprehensive sales intelligence on inbound leads. It efficiently collects, collates, visualizes, and credits key sales and marketing touchpoints, optimizing the lead’s journey toward conversion.

FuseIT, a Salesforce integration specialist, has launched Send2CRM on the AppExchange. Send2CRM is a sales accelerator providing rich and actionable up-to-the-minute sales intelligence on inbound leads. It collects, collates, visualizes, and assigns credit to key sales and marketing touchpoints as each lead progresses through the pipeline toward conversion.

“This is a significant milestone for FuseIT. Send2CRM tracks website lead behavior and exposes it to sales teams who use it to tactically communicate with prospects as they advance through the sales process.”, says Terry Humphris, CEO of FuseIT. “Send2CRM captures and analyzes website behavior to identify visitor interest, enthusiasm, and personas, creating actionable intelligence that sales teams use to accelerate lead conversion. Send2CRM lets Salesforce teams drive website personalization, leave messages for key prospects, chat in real-time, and alert the sales team when they return to the website”.


Send2CRM makes the behavior and actions of website visitors available to Salesforce teams to improve lead qualification, increase sales intelligence, reduce missed opportunities, and keep customers engaged. The high-quality real-time data exposes the visitor’s browsing history, product interest, and purchasing intent, and provides additional segmentation opportunities. For even deeper engagement, Send2CRM enables Salesforce users to communicate using live and persistent chat, message insertion, and website content personalization.

Collecting Intelligence

As each visitor traverses the website, Send2CRM collects data at a granular level. This includes the visit count, duration, recency, pages visited, goals achieved, segments assigned, and events triggered. The data is stored in browser memory which is convenient for personalizing page content based on their behavior. Personalization improves the visitor’s experience and encourages them to submit a web form or a call to action. When this happens, Send2CRM sends the behavioral intelligence to Salesforce along with the form data.

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Bridging the Divide

Sharing marketing-generated intelligence with other teams is a key RevTech principle. Armed with real-time behavior data, sales teams can qualify, prioritize, and assign leads faster, and conduct better sales conversations. Send2CRM enables the creation of important touchpoints called Highlights, for example, visitor goals, visitor segments, arrival via email clickthrough, etc. Highlights provide a visual summary of the engagement level of each lead. By viewing the Highlights, teams can see the path taken by each visitor, instantly recognize their progress, and see where and how value is being generated.

The additional intelligence flowing into Salesforce creates a number of other opportunities:

  • Viewing visitor activity characterizes the lead with a personality. This creates sales excitement and enthusiasm
  • The intelligence can be used for lead qualification, prioritization, and assignment
  • New marketing segments can be created based on visit recency, location, achieved goals, and other website behaviors. By tailoring campaign messages, organizations can deliver content that resonates with each segment’s unique interests and preferences
  • Behavior patterns can be identified and used to aid predictive lead scoring enhancing the accuracy of sales forecasting
  • The customer journey is more visible, enabling the creation of targeted marketing strategies aligned with specific touchpoints
  • The data insights foster a collaborative approach between sales and marketing teams, promoting a unified understanding of customer interactions and improving overall campaign effectiveness

Personalizing Web Content

As sales teams learn about their prospect, they adjust the field values in their Salesforce lead record. Send2CRM enables any field in Salesforce to be mapped back to the website and used to override site personalization i.e. switch in targeted content based on location, culture, or time of day. Returning visitors are then greeted with a more relevant and engaging experience, aligned to where they are in the sales cycle.

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Website Communication

Send2CRM can deliver personalized sales messages to returning visitors in real time or as dismissable notes. From within Salesforce, sales teams can craft messages and have them appear as in-page text, popups, live or persistent chat, or in a purpose-built message hub. All bi-directional communications are recorded in Salesforce. This personalized approach fosters a sense of connection and trust, during sales interactions.

Returning Visitor Notifications

Send2CRM enables a Salesforce user to be notified if a key visitor returns to the website. This is useful to help sales reps identify follow-up timing or reconnect with inactive leads. Reps can respond casually or immediately using one of the website communications channels.

Send2CRM Differentiators

Send2CRM has a number of unique sales accelerator features.

  • Website behavioral data is captured and sent directly to Salesforce when a web form is submitted. The data is updated during each subsequent visit in real-time
  • The intelligence exposed in Salesforce is qualitative (individual behavior) rather than quantitative (aggregated behavior)
  • Personal data is only stored in the customer’s Salesforce environment. Third-party middle-ware is not required to transact or store data
  • The behavior data from multiple websites can be sent to a single Salesforce instance
  • The submissions from multiple forms on the same site can be sent to different Salesforce instances
  • Websites can be personalized independently or driven directly from Salesforce
  • Visitors on multiple websites can interact with Salesforce users via chat or persistent messages


Two Send2CRM packages are listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. Send2CRM Essentials is a Salesforce wizard that enables web forms to be mapped to Salesforce records, e.g. leads or contacts. The package also captures website visitor behavior and makes it available for website personalization. The second package, Send2CRM Professional, populates Salesforce with the visitor’s browsing intelligence, and a license upgrade lets Salesforce teams message, and drive website content back to the website.

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