Deposco Launches End-to-End Omnichannel Planning and Fulfillment Platform

Combined supply chain planning and fulfillment solutions speed value and fund growth through a cohesive lens across B2B and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) channels

Deposco, the omnichannel fulfillment supply chain solutions platform for brand owners, retailers, ecommerce, and 3PL companies, has launched the industry’s first true comprehensive supply chain solution to orchestrate the end-to-end processes – Plan, Source, Order, Fulfill, and Return – across B2B and DTC channels from a single package to full pallets.

In one cohesive Supply Chain Planning (SCP) and Fulfillment solution, businesses can replace inefficient manual processes with instant recommendations and automated workflows that remove the blinders between supply chain operations. The solution is designed to help customers lower their carrying costs, mitigate labor challenges, increase sales, and become more proactive and profitable in approaching inventory as one entity across all touchpoints.

“Creating value to fund growth in the volatile B2B and DTC markets has become a costly game that requires businesses to stock up, staff up, and delay growth initiatives due to processes and systems that can’t keep up,” said Bill Gibson, CEO of Deposco. “We are delighted to deliver a unified platform that feeds our customers with the information they need to put the right products at the right places at the right time and cost, rather than increasing inventory as a defensive response to ongoing changes and disruptions.”

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Deposco’s Bright Suite omnichannel platform is the first of its kind to unite demand planning, supply planning, and order fulfillment through a single view of demand against real-time physical inventory execution everywhere. The platform is designed for B2B and DTC brands that need to scale growth and improve their omnichannel experiences, but have not had the right tools to make timely, optimal decisions within the full context of their financial, operational, and service impacts.

Deposco’s singular omnichannel planning and fulfillment solution combines up-to-the-minute inventory data, automated demand planning insights, efficient operational workflows, and robust reporting across channels – with the flexibility to adapt and scale the technology going forward. Key benefits include:

  • Coordinated decisions: Orchestrate demand and supply end-to-end across planning and operations to respond to rapidly evolving changes, while improving cash-to-cash cycles and inventory acquisition/carrying costs.
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy: Better product availability; efficient processes; and measurable forecast performance and improvements.
  • Dynamically Optimized Inventory: Right inventory at the right locations; time-phased inventory investments; and automated safety stock policies to improve market agility, inventory turns, and GMROI.
  • Automated Supply Planning: Efficient PO generation, real-time tracking of ASNs and receipts makes replenishment, buying, and supplier management fast and easy.

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“By implementing Deposco’s supply chain planning solution into our fulfillment operations, we have seen significant improvements across our organization,” said Bruce Bickford, Sr. Director of Supply Chain Management at RestorixHealth | AMT. “Now an end-to-end platform, the solution has transformed the way we operate. The implementation process was smooth, and Deposco has been a reliable partner for us.”

To learn more about the RestorixHealth | AMT end-to-end Deposco solution, please view the video here.

“No other partner offers this level of real-time inventory visibility (or actionable insights), cross-functional collaboration and efficiencies, and agile decision-making,” Gibson said. “The addition of SCP supports our mission of positioning businesses to scale current growth while establishing resiliency, increased profitability, and speed-to-value that can be used to fund future growth.”

Available now to existing Deposco customers as a bundle, SCP rounds out Deposco’s Bright Suite of cloud-based omnichannel fulfillment applications, which include Warehouse Management System (WMS), Order Management and DOM (Distributed Order Management) solutions that can be implemented with the industry’s fastest time-to-value.

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