Consensus’ Updated Tours Feature Helps B2B Buyers Immerse Themselves in Product Stories That Combine Content With Context

Consensus announced an update to their Tours feature within their leading demo automation platform. This new update gives presales and sales teams the ability to create and share interactive product tours as part of their buyer enablement strategy.

“Using Tours, sellers will be able to tell compelling product-led stories,” said Mike Trionfo, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Consensus. “We’ve created a way for buyers to immerse themselves in a demo by connecting the ‘what’ to the ‘why’ of a product. Adding Tours to Consensus demos gives buyers the information and experience they need to align their stakeholders faster and make purchasing decisions more confidently.”

Consensus Tours give buyers a new way to explore products independently and asynchronously without forcing them to “click every click” to know if a product can solve their problems. Using the Consensus web application or the new Consensus Capture Chrome extension, presales and sales teams can create a prescriptive story path that takes a buyer on a multipage immersive experience that incorporates live product UI and task based navigation. Pages will continue to utilize both text and video explainers, called “HotSpots,” as a means to give further explanation of what a product does in relation to the value proposition the buyer experiences in the existing interactive video demo experience.

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“Our goal is to give buyers the information they need to make a decision,” said Brian Zurcher, Head of Product at Consensus. “Buyers have a lot at stake when making a purchase. We want to give buyers the information they need to understand how they can solve their problems without overburdening them with tasks and clicks to feel they will get the financial and emotional ROI they need to be successful.”

What separates Consensus Tours from the rest of the interactive demonstration applications in the market is the speed of creation. There are no professional services required to create a Tour. Presales and sales reps alike have complete control over the tour creation process and can easily create (or update) and share Tours in minutes, giving them valuable time back in their day while continuing to enable their buyers to make connections with their products and how they individually benefit from the solution.

“The flexibility and ease of use for our solutions consultants, along with the enhanced experience we can give buyers sets Tours apart,” said Charlie Lytle, Solutions Consultant Manager at Blackbaud. “I love having the ability to highlight key areas of our product with Target Areas and tell instructive stories with Live UI Elements that give buyers the opportunity to see how our platform behaves when they take certain actions.”

Latest research on sales engineering workloads suggests that solutions consultants and other presales specialists are now supporting up to six products rather than becoming subject matter experts in one. Using Consensus Tours allows SEs, SCs, and other presales reps to show the pieces of their products that matter most to their clients and focus their attention on the live interactions that most impact their team’s ability to generate revenue.

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