Brings AI Technology at the Center of Business Conversation Analytics Launches ‘Smart Themes’ AI Technology for Analyzing Business Conversations

Most clouds in a company, be it for sales, marketing or BI, have the power to deliver real-time values if they are driven by AI technology. provides one such platform to leading businesses, where users can identify patterns and themes., the creator of the leading Enterprise Call Recording Conversation Cloud solution, announced the launch of its “Smart Themes” technology.

At the time of this announcement, Roy Raanani, CEO & Co-Founder of, said, “When sales calls are analyzed, it’s hard to know what to look for, especially if executives are using traditional means, such as looking for manually categorized keywords.”

Roy added, “Our technology learns on its own and tells users exactly what they need to know. This process of unsupervised learning means we don’t need to manually input themes; Smart Themes identifies key themes and analyzes them for you.”

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Smart Themes Makes Effective Analyses on Business Conversations After Just a Few Hundred Hours of Engagement

Smart Themes utilizes’s sophisticated AI engine and through a process of unsupervised learning, proactively identifies patterns and themes within conversations and organizes them for easy access to insights. Identifying the use and placement of specific themes serves to bolster best practices, allowing the entire team to benefit from the work of the top performing sellers. Smart Themes begins to produce effective analyses after just a few hundred hours of conversations.

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‘Smart Themes’ technology is an AI-powered solution that automatically analyzes business conversations, identifying common themes and topics for sales reps.

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AI-powered solutions can significantly alter how day-to-day business conversations are conducted, by transforming them into meaningful data and identifying patterns that can improve the quality and impact of these conversations. While other AI technologies are limited by companies’ tagged data, Smart Themes automatically identifies common patterns, saving time and money by eliminating manual tagging and bypassing cumbersome research.

“Smart Themes automatically learns and highlights important moments in our calls without any configuration from an Admin or Sales Manager,” said Jennifer Yelton, Director of Sales Operations at Recurly.

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Jennifer added, “It saves time and setup, but more importantly can tell us things about our sales process that we didn’t know impacted our win and renewal rates.” Has Changed How Sales Reps Conduct Sales

Top-revenue teams continue to choose’s solutions to increase efficiency in business conversations. Marketing companies such as EverString and Engagio, and software companies like Procore, have used’s technology to shorten ramp times and close more deals. has changed how sales reps conduct sales and Smart Themes is the latest step in this process.

Currently, provides its market-leading platform for transforming conversations into data and insights. It is ensuring more effective communication between companies and their customers.’s technology transcribes and analyzes business conversations in real time. The proprietary algorithms detect High-Value Moments that serve as the foundations of an effective strategy for sales and customer success teams, thus freeing sales representatives to focus on building relationships.

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