ChannelAdvisor Debuts New E-Commerce Technologies Connecting Brands and Retailers with Empowered Consumers

Leading E-Commerce SaaS Provider Advances Capabilities to Help Customers Strengthen Their Marketing, Selling, and Fulfillment Strategies

ChannelAdvisor Corporation, a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions, announced the global launch of advanced capabilities to help brands and retailers optimize their online strategies and build stronger, direct connections with today’s empowered consumer. With the launch of these newly enhanced platform solutions, ChannelAdvisor helps its customers continue their e-commerce leadership by adapting their marketing, selling, and fulfillment strategies. Brands and retailers can reach more consumers through increased product visibility, and they can increase sales with improved demand forecasting and advanced pricing strategies. Additionally, ChannelAdvisor’s innovative technologies can enable greater profitably while meeting consumer expectations by shopping for the optimal delivery option for each order.

“Today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape requires solutions that evolve rapidly to meet the needs of brands and retailers as they work to meet consumer expectations. ChannelAdvisor is excited to deploy a diverse set of new technologies that even better position our customers to fulfill the needs of consumers at various touchpoints along the buying journey,” said Mark Vandegrift, vice president of product management at ChannelAdvisor. “We carefully consider the business challenges that slow growth, reduce margins, and limit access to selling opportunities. With the help of ChannelAdvisor’s innovative suite of solutions, online sellers can satisfy the expectations of today’s empowered consumer while future-proofing their business. We’re equipping brands and retailers with an array of e-commerce options to help them make smarter marketing, selling, and fulfillment decisions to drive sales and profitability.”

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ChannelAdvisor’s new features allow brands and retailers to improve various facets of the consumer journey through:


  • Improved Product Feed Management: With Product Feed Management, ChannelAdvisor renews its commitment to helping brands and retailers save time and resources while making their products more visible on the increasing list of online social, shopping, ad networks, and other online destinations where consumers are discovering products. Through a centralized interface for data feed management and destination-specific optimization, brands and retailers can significantly improve product content and reduce destination site data errors without the internal lift required for manual feed management. With more than 22,000 feeds and data on 1.9 billion products sent daily, ChannelAdvisor has the reach and the scale to meet the needs of the largest e-commerce operations.
  • Multi-Brand Where to Buy: ChannelAdvisor’s Where to Buy (WTB) solution offers brands a means of easing the path to purchase for consumers from their websites or digital media campaigns. With the release of Multi-Brand WTB, manufacturers that have multiple consumer brands can present potential buyers with a complete portfolio of product information or a subset consisting of multiple related brands, improving the consumer experience and strengthening brand loyalty. Additionally, as a member of Nielsen’s Connect Partner Network, ChannelAdvisor is able to provide brands with access to local product availability data at a granular level, ensuring local store availability information is communicated to consumers as part of ChannelAdvisor’s WTB Buy Local solution.


  • Repricer Enhancements: With more than half of online shoppers regularly comparing product prices across sellers, having a dynamic pricing strategy in place is essential to e-commerce success. With the new Velocity Repricer, which is available across nearly 100 marketplaces and webstores, ChannelAdvisor customers can create automated rules that adapt to fluctuations in market demand. For example, this solution makes it possible to reduce prices on stale, slow-moving inventory to improve competitive positioning or increase prices on faster-moving inventory to improve margins. With the new Pricing Console, exclusively for Amazon sellers, ChannelAdvisor allows sellers to more quickly utilize in-depth analytics to assess whether products are winning the Buy Box, identify opportunities for improvement, and apply automated pricing strategies to increase the odds of winning the Buy Box.
  • Demand Forecaster Premium: Inventory planning is essential as under-forecasting inventory may result in lost revenue and over-forecasting inventory can result in excess storage costs and reduced profitability. ChannelAdvisor’s new Demand Forecaster Premium solution leverages machine learning and sales data to offer next-level product demand forecasting for top-selling products over the next 30, 60, and 90 days. These sophisticated prediction algorithms, along with new visualizations that allow easy analysis of demand by product, category, channel, distribution center, and fulfillment type, allow brands and retailers to make profitable, data-driven inventory decisions.

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  • Shipping Management Suite: Today’s empowered consumers demand fast and low-cost or free shipping. For many brands and retailers, it can be a challenge to profitably meet these requirements while managing orders from multiple channels and maintaining good standing on those channels. ChannelAdvisor’s Shipping Management Suite provides a comprehensive set of tools that allows sellers in the United States to meet those challenges by managing various aspects of the shipping management process, including integration with leading carriers, dynamic multi-carrier rate shopping, seamless hardware integration, API support for warehouse management integration, returns support, and more.
  • Expanded ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Services: ChannelAdvisor has continued to add new integrations to the ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment Services solution, which is designed to maintain all technical aspects of the fulfillment connections between suppliers and retailers. The solution provides the ability to quickly add new product sourcing capabilities, intelligent and cost-based order routing, automated inventory management, and product discrepancy resolution.

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