Bluecore Helps Retailers Drive Higher Purchase Rates With Social Proof

Combined with Bluecore’s identification, triggers and real-time insights, retailers get Social Proof designed to help move customers through the purchase funnel, driving an 8% lift in conversion rates

Bluecore, a retail shopper identification and customer movement technology, today announced the launch of Social Proof. Social Proof delivers the excitement of knowing what other people are trying and buying, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. Bluecore’s unique approach to Social Proof brings together a retailer’s full product catalog and real time shopper and behavior data to create highly personalized social proof experiences that are proven to increase conversion rates 8% or more.

“Social Proof is another way Bluecore is meeting the specific needs of our retail business, by allowing us to move newly identified shoppers through the funnel more quickly and keep customers coming back for more,” said Sara Moore, Sr. Director of Marketing at Missouri Star Quilt. “This is an easy lever that we can pull to drive more conversions going into the holidays while giving shoppers the confidence that they are making a good buy.”

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Now, retailers can capitalize on the power of social influence and the fear of missing out (FOMO) by activating product trends on their website or in email to create a sense of purchasing urgency and confidence and ultimately increase conversions.

“With the holidays fast approaching, Bluecore’s Social Proof meets the needs of retailers and customers, giving customers confidence in their purchases while increasing conversion and decreasing returns for retailers. Retailers can leverage the power of social influence and drive purchasing urgency with low stock and sell out notifications and increase buyer confidence with best seller badges and more. Our unique approach to social proof combines these tools with our rich shopper insights, product data and real time triggers to deliver a powerful experience that is proven to increase conversion,” said Sherene Hilal, Chief Product Officer at Bluecore.

Bluecore Social Proof drives incremental ROI for retailers, enabling them to:

  • Increase add to cart rates by including Social Proof, such as Recently Viewed or Recently Purchased, to move more shoppers from exploration to consideration
  • Increase onsite conversion rates by including Social Proof, such as Selling Fast or Likely to Sell Out Soon, to move more shoppers from exploration to consideration, then from consideration to procurement
  • Build credibility by using Social Proof, like Recently Purchased or Best Sellers, builds trust with customers, and showcases brand credibility.
  • Add Social Proof information in triggered emails such as cart abandon messages to drive engagement and  increase conversions.

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