Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Hold Firm Despite Cost-Of-Living Concerns

  • nShift data reveals that parcel volumes in Denmark were up 126% compared to an average Friday,

  • The UK recorded a 35% uplift in parcels in the week leading up to Black Friday

Despite concerns about consumer confidence, the latest data reveals that cash-strapped shoppers have once again flocked online for bargains during this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Data compiled from around Europe by nShift, the global leader in delivery management software, found that Black Friday parcel volumes in all Nordic regions were at a similar level to Black Friday 2021. The UK showed an 8% increase in parcel volumes compared to last year.

It’s a similar story for Cyber Monday. Parcels generated on this day were almost identical to 2021 with some notable exceptions. The UK saw an increase of almost 30% compared to Cyber Monday 2021 and was up 70% compared to an average Monday.

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The spike in consumer spending is clear when the data from Black Friday 2022 is compared to an average Friday. Every nation tracked in the nShift data showed a considerable increase on this measure; Denmark is up 126%, Norway (84%), UK (80%), Sweden (79%), Belgium (69%), Netherlands (67%) and Finland (58%).

Lars Pedersen, CEO at nShift said, “Ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many feared that the global cost-of-living crisis would undermine the heralded days of discounts. But it’s now clear that shoppers this year are just as eager as last year for a bargain.”

The UK had one of the highest increases in parcel volumes in Europe throughout the four days leading up to Black Friday with everyday parcel volumes increasing between 43% and 75% compared to the same day in 2021. Across the week, parcel volumes were up 36% compared to last year.

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Lars Pedersen concluded, “This period sees a marked increase in parcel volumes being managed by retailers and it’s critical they’re on their A-game. If consumers don’t get the delivery experience they want, they will shop around for a better one. If this year’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday didn’t exactly go to plan, it’s not too early for retailers to start planning for next year.”

Learning lessons from this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday can help retailers stay ahead of the game for next year. At the heart of getting it right is the ability to shape a shopping experience that works for the customer. And that means providing the right delivery options, keeping customers updated and making returns simple.

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