Amazon Prime Day Readiness: URLgenius Helps Sellers and Affiliates to Increase Mobile Conversion 200-450 Percent

URLgenius Announces Support for Linking into 300 Million Amazon App Screens

Amazon stores, sellers, and affiliates can increase conversion on Prime Day 2020 by updating their campaign links making sure they are “primed” for Amazon app conversion.

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“Amazon sellers and affiliates need the ability to maximize sales this holiday season by removing the mobile friction shoppers face – particularly when clicking ads and links from within social media apps. URLgenius now offers the most robust support in the world for linking shoppers into Amazon’s app to help sellers double and triple conversion rates.” – Brian Klais, Founder and CEO, URLgenius

Mobile Shopping Journey Friction

When Amazon product links are promoted on social media and other marketing channels, regular Amazon links do not open the Amazon app for iOS or Android. This is due to the embedded browsers found in Facebook, Instagram and other apps. Instead, the shopper is sent to the Amazon website where login is required and where consumers typically abandon their shopping journey. This friction not only results in a poor customer experience but extremely low conversion. Sellers and affiliates can lose up to two thirds of their revenue when promoting products from within apps like Facebook, Instagram and other apps.

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The Solution: URLgenius App Deep Linking

Updating Amazon URLs with URLgenius immediately solves this issue. The cloud-based, app deep linking solution with no SDK and nothing to install, URLgenius lets Amazon sellers and affiliates enter any of Amazon’s 300 million web URLs to discover that page’s iOS or Android app URL. Designed for marketers and agencies, Amazon campaign links can be updated in minutes and as a privacy-centric platform, consumer data is never tracked, collected or sold for retargeting. Sellers and affiliates still have time to update their campaign links before Amazon Prime Day. This will result in a measurable, dramatic increase in revenue and higher Amazon SEO rankings.

The Results

URLgenius is delivering results for Amazon stores, sellers, and affiliates around the world. Here are just a few examples:

  • This agency is increasing conversion by 200% for Amazon sellers
  • Amazon affiliates are increasing conversion 300%
  • Ogilvy’s agency Social Lab increased Amazon conversion 450%

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