Activ Technologies Poised for Expansive Growth with Supply Chain Platform Capabilities and Customer Successes

Activ ends 2022 poised for exceptional growth in 2023 with new areas for transformation, a growing customer base, and expansion of new and established channels.

Activ Technologies, a premier provider of a many-to-many supply chain platform, achieved 85 percent year-over-year growth for 2022 by adding new customers in airline, food and beverage, and eCommerce industries while complementing the expansion of consumer packaged goods (CPG) use cases for existing customers. Activ extended collaboration and management among suppliers and transportation providers while improving operational decision-making in inventory optimization, container prioritization, and shipment visibility.

“Activ Technologies is well-positioned to help companies address digital supply chain transformation priorities. ActiVate®, our supply chain platform, allows them to achieve transformation through ease of connecting and integrating their supply chain partners, achieving end-to-end visibility, managing by exception, and more,” explained Jaymie Forrest, president and CEO.

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“My experience in the supply chain management space reinforces my assessment of the increasing needs that mandate visibility and integration. Activ’s platform … is ideally suited to address those specific issues,” stated New Course Group CEO and capital advisor for Activ Technologies, John Sidell.

Expanding on ActiVate’s supplier and purchase order (PO) management use cases, full Procure to Pay (P2P) functionality traces from PO creation, confirmation, management, release, and receipt control through to the reconciliation. The P2P function includes integration with Activ’s new channel partner, PrimeRevenue, for factoring and payment.

“ActiVate’s inbound and outbound visibility, inventory management, fulfillment metrics, and inside-the-warehouse visibility solutions support the expansive growth in eCommerce,” stated Patricio Gutierrez, vice president of customer solutions at Activ. He expanded, “These use cases add value in operational efficiencies, smoothing automation, and improving labor productivity, to name a few areas of growing interest.”

Activ launched an expanded project with an airline to replace their current supplier portal with ActiVate to include the procure-to-pay (P2P) functionality. The project centers around improving visibility, management, and control for food, beverages, and other items on every flight.

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ActiVate drives the P2P process by making the daily interaction with suppliers faster and the whole process more agile. The configured workflow and its notifications streamline communications and result in a fast-paced process. That process provides greater access to data and allows customers to develop useful metrics and analytics that enable supplier scorecarding. Key benefits include simplified communications with the supplier community, visibility to confirmed supply, and reduced manual processes. ActiVate prevents long-lasting AP invoice-to-PO issues and reconciliations that result in time savings and a faster time-to-cash for suppliers.

In corporate news, Activ added two C-level executives this year. Jorge Perez joined as Activ’s chief financial officer and brings over 30 years of leadership experience in senior finance and corporate development roles to the organization from The Coca-Cola Company. His extensive international exposure, development of business alliances, and market expansion led by a strategic and opportunistic mindset create significant value for the business and business partners.

Additionally, Mike Curtin joined Activ as chief revenue officer. With over 25 years of sales and executive sales leadership experience in enterprise software, most recently from supply chain planning, Mike brings a record of building highly effective sales teams, developing symbiotic partner relationships, and executing transformative technology programs with Fortune 100 companies. Mike stated, “I joined Activ because of my confidence in the power of our technology and our team’s ability to deliver real value quickly for our clients. In a time where it’s needed more than ever, our ability to leverage both technology and know-how to provide real multi-enterprise supply chain visibility, automation, and decision support, quickly and cost-effectively is truly unique and extremely compelling.”

Using the power of Azure’s Applied AI Service, ActiVate has added intelligent document processing as part of its supply chain platform solution set. The new feature applies machine-learning-based optical character recognition (OCR) and document understanding technologies to extract print and handwritten text, tables, structure, and key-value pairs from documents. Activ also added key connectors this year to the ActiVate library such as ADP, CH Robinson, and NetSuite®, as well as many others.

“With Activ’s momentum, now is the right time to properly capitalize Activ for the next level,” stated New Course Group CEO and capital advisor for Activ Technologies, John Sidell. He explained, “my experience in the supply chain management space reinforces my assessment of the increasing needs that mandate visibility and integration. Activ’s platform, ActiVate, is ideally suited to address those specific issues.” John added, “now is an ideal time to further accelerate Activ’s growth with a 2023 round of capital investment to supercharge their go-to-market initiatives.”

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