Sales Xceleration Consultants Grow in the U.S. and Expand into the U.K.

Sales Xceleration® combines sales leadership experts with the proven tools and platform to build and execute a successful sales function for small and mid-size businesses. We are excited to announce we have 11 new Advisors joining the team. Fractional work continues to increase throughout the world at a rapid speed, contributing to our growth, and business leaders are taking advantage of the ability to boost sales proficiency in an economical manner.

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Sales Xceleration has expanded its international footprint into Europe by serving the United Kingdom. The following training class of 11 Sales Consultants is looking forward to improving businesses sales infrastructure to foster future growth in their markets:

  • Steve Bair – Tampa, FL
  • Kevin Bruner – Cincinnati, OH
  • Todd Callen – Atlanta, GA
  • Michael Diemer – San Diego, CA
  • Patrick Jenn – London, England/UK
  • Tim Kiernan – Dallas, TX
  • Rusty Kopp – Charlotte, NC
  • Dave Lorz – Cleveland, OH
  • Gregg Oser – Akron, OH
  • Chris Spafford – Springfield, MA
  • Chad Specht – Minneapolis, MN

“Our continued growth throughout North America and now into Europe is due to the high-value small to mid-size business owners gain for their sales organization by getting access to sales leadership in a fractional capacity. Our tenured Sales Consultants are able to take the sales burden off the leaders, so they can focus on the other critical aspects of running their businesses,” said Mark Thacker, President, Sales Xceleration, LLC.

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