Echobot and Leadfeeder Become Dealfront – A Go-To-Market Platform to Give Companies the Data, Applications and Insights They Need to Win Any European Market

Dealfront’s EU-native platform helps companies to discover their full potential market, qualify ideal leads, convert leads into deals, and optimize their go-to-market process.

Echobot, a leading provider of European sales intelligence, and Leadfeeder, a best-in-class web visitor intelligence tool, will from now on operate under their new, united brand and platform – Dealfront. After integrating their teams and products following their merger in 2022, the new company has launched its EU-native and AI-powered go-to-market (GTM) platform. Dealfront is built to empower sales and marketing teams to win leads and close deals in Europe.

With the explosion of online company and contact data, businesses have vast resources of live data that’s constantly changing and evolving. But in Europe, countries have different compliance standards, language nuances, laws and regulations that make it difficult for businesses to channel this massive amount of data into insights that lead to deals – especially when using a patchwork of different tools.

Dealfront combines sales and marketing intelligence with lead generation, B2B advertising and web tracking, all in one Go-To-Market platform. Dealfront’s algorithm powers the largest, most accurate company and contact database in Europe, and its specialized AI is built and trained on European data in multiple languages, meaning it understands the nuances in European data, languages, culture, and regulations, while offering transparency and navigating Europe’s complex compliance standards.

“You just can’t do business in Europe the way you do business in the US. You don’t do business in France the way you do business in Germany. You don’t even do business in Berlin the way you do business in Bavaria. Dealfront delivers localized data, applications, and familiarity with European standards, culture, languages, and practices to give your sales and marketing team the advantage of feeling and acting at home in any European country or region – no matter where your business is based,” says Bastian Karweg, CEO at Dealfront.

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Dealfront’s platform centralizes its applications around four stages – Discover, Qualify, Convert, and Optimize. Each stage feeds the next, creating a flywheel effect that constantly refines the process in a perpetual loop, propelling revenue growth forward. This flywheel effect turns static ICPs into dynamic, self-optimizing, and real-time customer profiles that always improve in accuracy and reflect reality. The result is more leads that end in sales, transforming businesses into a self-propelled revenue engine.

“Our platform of data and applications shows you the best way to engage your ICPs in a localized way that’s effective in whatever country you’re in, in whatever region you’re targeting,” says Pekka Koskinen, Chief Product Officer at Dealfront. “Because we’re on the inside and speak the language, we’re working with higher-quality live intelligence on your ideal buyers. Nothing gets lost in translation, nothing gets misunderstood, and nothing is outdated. Our platform, along with our teams on the ground in each location, empowers you to convert leads to deals,” he continues.

Dealfront is already a DACH and Nordic market leader and offers more accurate and compliant data in Europe, with website visitor identification, searchable triggers, and two-way integrations for its clients, such as Hertz, Siemens, Eventbrite, and Pipedrive.

“We use this platform daily to gain critical insights about the companies visiting our website, what they are consuming, and how long they are staying. In addition, the seamless integration with HubSpot makes capturing this information, including net new companies, incredibly easy,” says David Bunting, Director, Demand Generation at US-based company CHAOSSEARCH.

“Before we worked with Echobot [Dealfront], we had a lot of leads that just weren’t worth following up on. The company has simplified our B2B lead generation enormously and it’s also great that more than one department can use the platform. Now, we can be sure that our sales efforts will pay off,” says Mathias Krech, Marketing Lead DACH at CleverConnect.

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Dealfront has offices in Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, and Spain, with over 330 employees. In 2022, Great Hill Partners invested €180 million to merge Echobot and Leadfeeder, setting aside an additional €50 million to fund future strategic acquisitions for the company.

Customers of Echobot and Leadfeeder will be able to benefit from new Dealfront platform features, while also retaining access to the existing products they’ve been using with the former brands. More information can be found at

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