AspireIQ Reveals 90% of Consumers Crave Closer Ties to Their Favorite Brands

New research shows disconnect between brands and consumers; opportunity for brands to leverage their communities to drive influence and build loyalty

AspireIQ, the pioneer in community intelligence marketing, announced a new report, Deconstructing the consumer engagement gap, to help brands understand how to build an effective community marketing program — a program that connects brands and consumers to drive engagement, gather insights, and fuel business growth.

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Surveying hundreds of brands and consumers, the report reveals that consumers want to feel closer to their favorite brands. 90% of consumers surveyed engage with their favorite brands in some capacity, while nearly half want more personalized interactions and one-third would like to contribute to a brand’s story or product development.

Yet the report identifies numerous gaps between what consumers want versus how brands engage them. Consumers express an eagerness for communications with their favorite brands beyond point of sale — and while brands see value in driving more meaningful interactions, there’s opportunity for growth.

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Key findings include:

  • Consumers crave more two-way connections with their favorite brands: 52% want to join a loyalty program, 42% want to contribute feedback to a product or service, and 35% want a brand to respond to them on social.
  • However, only 22% of consumer respondents said their favorite brand does a good job of interacting with them in a personalized way.
  • And over two-thirds of consumers surveyed do not feel like they contribute to a brand’s story, content, product, or service — but half are eager to contribute more.
  • The good news is: 70% of brands already have an active community and 26% expressed the desire to build a community soon.
  • And an overwhelming 92% of brands say their community has had a positive impact on their overall business.

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