Vonage Adds Video Collaboration to Its Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) Solution

Vonage Meetings will enhance the firm’s unified communications offering

One of the leading business cloud communications leaders, Vonage is adding a new feature to its Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) solution. The newly launched Vonage Meetings will add to the video collaboration abilities of the platform and enhance the unified communications offering of the firm. Vonage Meetings uses APIs to enable collaboration among staff via SMS, voice, social, team messaging, and email channels. The addition of video to the interface is the latest development towards providing a clean user interface.

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Sales Teams Would Be Able To Leverage the Capabilities to Provide Better Customer Experience

Since Vonage owns the entire stack, it is the only cloud communications company that is able to provide customers with a truly unified, end-to-end communication experience. All VBC users can access Vonage Meetings to activate conversations everywhere. It allows businesses to have conversations and engagements in the places where they’re the most productive. Additionally, it empowers employees to directly connect with each other and with customers, across all channels possible. Sales teams would be able to leverage the platform to engage customers in additional ways and provide them with outstanding customer experience.

Ron Maayan, VP of Product Management for Vonage clarified that the company will continue innovating towards its vision of helping businesses connect with the right people via multiple channels. “With Vonage Meetings, we are leveraging an integrated user experience with our rich set of communications APIs to create unique next-gen solutions for our customers, helping them to create great employee and customer experiences by leveraging voice, messaging, and now video,” Ron added.

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Brands can leverage the power of Vonage Meetings in numerous ways. The feature can be used for internal employee collaboration or customer engagement, or in the recruitment process to conduct video interviews.

Some of the important features of the Vonage Meetings programmable video conference solution are:

  1. Multiple channel collaboration across SMS, voice, social, team messaging, email, and video.
  2. Built-in chat, screen sharing, and the ability to record meetings.
  3. Meeting history including the information of attendees, chat, call log, and links shared.
  4. 1-click to arrange groups from Google Calendar.
  5. Ability to allow guest users to join a video session from a web browser, without downloading any software.

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