Feedonomics Launches Suite of Custom Solutions for Scalable Data Management

Feedonomics, the market leader in product feed management for ecommerce, announced its new suite of Custom Solutions, which supports data management use cases across a variety of industries, including automotive, employment, systems integration, manufacturing and distribution, and more. With its powerful platform and full-service support team, Feedonomics unlocks scalable data transformation and syndication across numerous systems and channels.

“We started out solving product data feed issues for agencies and merchants,” said Dmitriy Ryzhiy, vice president of product strategy at Feedonomics. “While that’s still a primary focus of ours, we quickly realized how many more data management challenges our technology and our team can solve, as evidenced by the amazing work we’ve done for leading job aggregators, affiliate networks, delivery apps and other titans across different industries.”

Feedonomics gives companies the ability to retire heavy engineering costs while also moving to more robust and scalable feed processing architecture. It’s flexible enough to ingest feeds from anywhere, standardize and optimize them according to any set of requirements, and send them wherever they need to go.

This middleware layer can be managed by far less technical resources, making the ongoing visualization, management and manipulation of feeds far more cost effective.

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Beyond helping merchants and agencies win in the omnichannel landscape, Feedonomics offers customized enterprise solutions such as:

  • Crawling merchant sites to power hundreds of feeds for global employee engagement and rewards marketplaces
  • Scraping thousands of employers to aggregate feeds for leading job boards.
  • Leveraging proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology to categorize hundreds of millions of products with astonishing speed and accuracy
  • Supporting omnichannel integrations for delivery apps with thousands of retailers and billions of products
  • Providing connectivity for merchants that need to normalize feeds from multiple vendors and dropshippers
  • Streamlining the aggregation of vehicle, real estate, and job data for international classifieds sites
  • Enabling Marketplace aggregators to seamlessly manage data synchronization for hundreds of marketplace seller accounts

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Feedonomics combines world-class technology and full-service implementation to provide revolutionary data management capabilities, including scalable ingestion, standardization, optimization, syndication, protection and order synchronization — giving companies the ability to transform how they conduct business and allocate time.

Feedonomics combines its data capabilities together to form Custom Solutions for customers in a variety of industries, including:

  • Brands and retailers
  • B2B manufacturing, distributing and wholesale
  • Performance marketing agencies
  • Ecommerce shopping channels
  • SaaS solutions
  • Vehicle and automotive aggregators
  • Affiliate marketing networks
  • Jobs and employment technology
  • Systems integrators

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