DemandJump Announces Insights for Content, Automating Content Strategy and Research

DemandJump, the leading marketing insights and attribution platform, announced today the launch of Insights for Content, automating content strategy and research for content marketing. Where traditional content tools simply provide data, Insights for Content recommends specific content to write, providing rich content templates for each recommendation. By simply inputting a topic, the product allows marketers to create more valuable content, while automating hours of keyword and SEO research.

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Content marketing has emerged as the most critical element for reaching and engaging your target audience online, with millions of blog articles produced daily across nearly 2 billion websites. Now, marketers have an AI-powered solution to inform their content strategy, fuel customer engagement and improve lead quality.

Companies and agencies of all sizes are using Insights for Content:

“Cummins is very focused on digital transformation and, by leveraging DemandJump’s consumer behavior mapping, we have enhanced our capabilities to understand and engage our customers,” said Nick Wojdyla, Director of Digital Marketing and Communications, for Fortune 150 global power leader Cummins Inc. “We’ve significantly grown our customer traffic and engagement from organic search each year since implementing DemandJump to guide our online content strategy.”

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Ryan Brock, CEO of leading content agency Metonymy Media, said, “Our team of creative writers is now able to save 50% of our content-strategy research time leveraging DemandJump’s content outline templates and consumer-behavior mapping. More than that, though, we know the time we spend researching our audiences with DemandJump is time better spent. We’re more confident than ever that we’re truly connecting with our audiences and delivering content they want—and that means great things for us and our clients.”

CarSnoop, a startup enabling stress free car buying, Founder, Cole Keesling said, “As a startup, it was critical for us to be found by our target market immediately. In just a few short weeks, we started ranking on the first page of search results and, in many instances, #1 for critical topics. We haven’t even started paid media efforts and are already converting traffic into revenue, free of ad spend.”

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