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Sales Control Plan Management take Sales Management and Training to a Whole New Level

Many sales managers and sales directors are searching for ways to make the best of every opportunity in their pipeline. Most often this begins with painful sales meetings where sales reps share stories to explain the probability of a closed sale based on their intuition of the overall engagement between themselves and their customer. Many managers have attempted to implement additional metrics and accountability to provide transparency to a pipeline that often results in opportunities going cold due to inactivity, with little result. Sales training is routinely general and not focused as most training companies do not know how to evaluate for specific needs. This is the current reactive procedure of managing personalities instead of process that most, if not all, sales managers are experiencing.

With the launch of Sales Control Plan Management, we can say with confidence that this type of process failure is over. Your company will benefit from complete pipeline transparency with Sales Pulse. Sales Pulse will provide the sales representative and manager with trend lines from prospecting to close for every opportunity in your pipeline. When opportunities lose engagement, Sales Pulse will trigger an alert prompting pre-emptive action from Sales Defense which will determine the corrective based on each customer’s engagement, sales stage, and activity history.

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Accurate sales training metrics will be established after baseline implementation. Collection of baseline performance determines the need for sales training, where the sales representative is struggling based on performance reports, not management instincts. Training notifications are issued immediately to the sales representative and the manager informing them of the training alert and books the sales rep into training on Sales Control Plan Management’s training system. Training system will consist of the client’s modified sales manual which is reflective of the sales waste assessments available on Sales Control Plan Management.

We are also in the process of making Sales Control Plan Management a white label program. This program will be for sales trainers who are looking to offer a series of sales resources that benefit every company that is currently selling over longer sales cycles with multiple touchpoints. Sales Control Plan Licensing will be made available August 2021.

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