MindTickle Boosts Sales Coaching Offering with Conversation Intelligence to Analyze Sales Interactions and Enable Continuous Improvement

Call AI expands vision for Sales Readiness and empowers revenue leaders to coach their reps and help them increase win rates and improve quota attainment

MindTickle, the leader in Sales Readiness technology, today announced the availability of Call AI™, the first AI and machine learning-enhanced conversation intelligence solution for sales leaders to pinpoint gaps and identify winning behaviors to grow revenue. Integrated with MindTickle’s robust coaching capabilities, this advancement enables revenue leaders to make targeted improvements to help their salespeople close more deals.

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MindTickle brings together all of the elements required to drive effective sales readiness — execution, coaching, skills development, knowledge reinforcement — in one place.  The addition of Call AI expands sales leaders’ ability to know how to coach their reps more effectively at scale so that their teams can perform their best at critical moments in the sales process.

“The ability for our customer-facing teams to be ready and empowered to help customers understand how to address the security challenges of their hybrid cloud and hybrid work infrastructures is of critical importance,” said Ken Blank, Senior Sales Enablement Programs Lead at Infoblox. “By leveraging MindTickle and Call AI’s conversation intelligence, we’re able to see what’s happening in individual sales interactions, identify trends, and use those insights to build strategic coaching programs that help our sales force be more effective at building customer relationships and drive better business outcomes.”

Call AI: Know the real-world sales behaviors that affect deal outcomes, and empower revenue leaders, enablement teams and front-line managers to fix them.

Most enablement programs incorporate training, reinforcement, coaching and practice in an effort to help salespeople ramp up and be productive quickly. Still, insight into how those enablement efforts impact on-the-job performance remains elusive because revenue leaders and front-line managers don’t have visibility into individual reps’ strengths or weaknesses or how they correlate to business outcomes or revenue. As a result, not only are individual deals affected, revenue leaders are unable to make systematic changes to their coaching programs or entire enablement programs.

“I can’t spend my entire workday listening to every single recorded meeting conducted by our sales reps, but it’s still important that I make sure their conversations are productive and on message,” said Rick Gouveia, chief revenue officer at Turing Video, Inc. “With the recordings and transcripts provided by Call AI, I can get a feel right away as to why a rep can’t close a piece of business, and I can coach them into better results.”

“Ultimately, we want to use Call AI as a learning tool,” said Aradhana (Dolly) Ravindra, Director, Sales Enablement and Training at Turing Video. “Insight gained from Call AI provides direction for us to recalibrate certain aspects of our sales enablement program. It’s been key to refining our own training.”

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Call AI incorporates a number of key foundational capabilities to maximize a sales team’s potential to win deals, including call recording, call sharing and collaboration, and CRM integration. MindTickle uniquely adds functionality that addresses some of the most critical blind spots in deal and skills coaching, helping sales better understand the voice of the customer. Call AI’s unique value includes:

  • Individualized, capability-based coaching. Identify sales rep mistakes, improve productivity, reduce churn and ensure reps make quota by building a coaching culture. Provide front-line managers with the tools they need to coach salespeople toward a consistent organizational standard based on individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Closed-loop feedback. Enhance the impact of enablement programs designed to get reps ready  by incorporating teachable moments from live conversations. Analyze sales conversations to determine the effect of readiness programs on sales execution, helping to improve future programs based on real-world evidence.
  • Actionable insights. Measure and compare individual interactions and benchmark best practices with AI-generated call scores. Integrating call scores into MindTickle allows for a comprehensive analysis of the impact of capability on business outcomes. With this information, managers gain insight into individual and team readiness, and reps are automatically prescribed individualized follow-up training, coaching and practice accordingly in an effort to maximize the impact of every future sales interaction.

“Call AI introduces an industry-first conversation intelligence solution that helps companies not only pinpoint what works well in customer interactions, but also identify areas of improvement so reps and teams can achieve their full potential,” said Nishant Mungali, co-founder and chief product officer at MindTickle. “With Call AI, rather than simply looking at the health of a deal, revenue leaders can actually take corrective action to improve the ability of their sales people to deliver a better customer experience and business outcomes. We will continue to introduce new capabilities and functionality to build on our sales readiness foundational concepts — conversation intelligence, training, coaching and practice — so we can help organizations engage and develop their teams at scale to achieve their revenue objectives.”

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