Consensus Brings Demo Automation & Buyer Enablement Training to Teams Worldwide With the Launch of Consensus Academy

Consensus, the global leader in demo automation, launched its online education program, Consensus Academy,. This first-of-its-kind program gives revenue leaders and individual contributors access to content and training dedicated to enabling buyers through demo automation.

Mark Green, Director of Presales & Buyer Enablement at Consensus, said, “Consensus Academy will help revenue teams transform the way they view their relationships with buyers. As leaders and individual contributors access the modules, they will learn how to fix the broken buying process with methodologies that go beyond what tools and technology bring. While these problems are largely solved using our platform, we want sellers and their leaders to find more success in their roles by being able to remove obstacles from their buyers.”

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Consensus Academy includes courses, media, and training meant to improve how presales, sales, marketing, and customer success teams understand and improve their impact on the buying process. Participants learn how to use demo automation in their role and how the Consensus DEEP-C methodology improves the way they interact with buyers at every stage of their journey. As a result, those who gain certifications and accolades upon completion of courses will be better equipped to solve the problems modern B2B buyers face.

“Consensus Academy shows which individuals and leaders are taking the time to understand the impact of becoming a buyer coach,” said Tony Francetic, Sr. Manager of Solutions Consulting at Thomson Reuters. “Gaining certifications and a deeper understanding of tools like Consensus shows a commitment to guiding buyers through complex journeys and knowing where you can make the biggest impact on your organization.”

The curriculum in Consensus Academy takes what the company launched last fall in its certified administrator certification and adds context that connects demo automation users and enthusiasts to the places buyers feel the most friction, regardless of their role in the buying process.

Because Enterprise buying is complex, it is imperative the entire revenue team becomes educated on where buyers feel the most friction and how they can alleviate it individually and collectively. “We feel immense pleasure in the fact that many top organizations are finding success using demo automation to shorten sales cycles by focusing on what buyers need most,” said Doug Johnson, CEO of Consensus. “We want to give all members of the revenue team access to our knowledge of buying to make them more effective at their jobs.”

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