New Partnership Empowers Campaigns with Mobile Device Advertising

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, the Kochava Collective, a mobile-first data marketplace and TargetSmart, the Nation’s premier voter data and targeting firm, are teaming up to empower campaigns and advocacy groups to seamlessly engage with their target audiences across platforms by fully leveraging voter registration data with connected device data.

“The ubiquity of connected devices provides an incredible opportunity to facilitate more direct engagement between politicians and voters,” said Grant Cohen, GM of the Kochava Collective. “We’re excited to partner with TargetSmart and make it easier for voters and their representatives to engage more directly and immediately.”

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The average American spends 46.9 hours online each week, according to the Digital 2019 report—an increase of 8% since the 2016 presidential election. Meeting voters where they are online will enable campaigns to both effectively inform voters about important issues and increase voter engagement and turnout.

“Every cycle, campaigns and causes from the municipal level up to the White House work to harness the latest technology from the private sector to reach the right people,” said Andrew Brown, Chief Strategy Officer at TargetSmart. “This partnership, in essence, takes voter outreach that is too often split between offline and online and helps campaigns seamlessly combine the two. Our clients will be able to find the right way to reach the right voters, donors, and volunteers more efficiently and accurately where those people are spending increasing amounts of time—on their mobile devices.”

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TargetSmart’s Digital Voter File combines the best-in-class voter file with a suite of digital and media products that allow clients to effectively connect with target audiences. When combined with the scale of the Kochava Collective, the new service will allow candidates, advocacy groups and allies to better target their voting audience across online and offline engagements.

“Brands use the Kochava Collective data to engage directly with consumers to find their audience, build rapport and create a dialogue,” continued Cohen. “Together with TargetSmart we’re bringing these same tools for more effective campaign management, at scale.”

While it’s possible for advertisers to serve digital ads to voters based on a mobile advertising profile or an offline voter profile, seamlessly integrating both is a capability that has not permeated campaigns at-scale.

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