Datazoom Releases Google Ad Manager Data Enrichment Solution

Datazoom, the Real-time Video Data Platform, announced today the release of a new data enrichment solution, which enriches data collected from their platform’s Player Collectors with revenue data from Google Ad Manager.

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Even for streaming-first companies, challenges exist to extract the insights needed to take a data-driven approach to grow revenue and profitability. Although the pandemic has accelerated the need for streaming, and ad-supported streaming has experienced 300% growth, it’s estimated that traditional pay-TV companies only bring in one-sixth the revenue that linear TV households generate. Closing this gap will require better understanding of the driving forces behind the success or failure of monetization.

Bringing together data from multiple sources is a key objective for Datazoom’s platform; enabling data correlation and enrichment between sources unlocks insights that were previously inaccessible, difficult to uncover, or unusable with the delay caused by post-processing data at rest.

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For today’s ad-supported content providers, the data which contains the value of an ad is still disjointed from the detailed user behavioral data collected at the player. This prevents content providers from uncovering the factors that most significantly impact monetization and attributing specific dollar values to individual ad units served to users. Some of the metrics that are unmeasurable today include:

  • Potential earnings for a specific user
  • Actual earnings for a specific user
  • Verifying the number of ads served, viewability, etc. as measured by the ad server
  • Measure the opportunity cost of QoE issues

Ultimately, this prevents content providers the ability to understand where the greatest opportunities exist for optimization and thus prioritize resources, updates, and fixes. Datazoom’s data enrichment solution for Google Ad Manager data enables publishers to finally answer these questions.

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