Syft® Launches Version 4.4 of its Syft Synergy™ Platform

New tissue and biologic implant management integration and laboratory supply management among new Syft offerings to help hospitals automate and optimize the supply chain

Syft, a leading national provider of healthcare inventory control and end-to-end supply chain management software and services, today released Syft Synergy™ 4.4. Major enhancements include integration with TrackCore for tissue and biologic implant tracking and management, laboratory supply management, and a unique services and software-integrated Kanban inventory management solution that automates PAR inventory replenishment processes. These enhancements and others provide better quality and inventory control measures that hospitals need to optimize inventory levels, prevent stockouts, and improve patient safety.

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“At Syft, we don’t think about supply chain management as simply moving products from one location to the other. Our approach takes into consideration the needs and desires of supply chain and clinical staff and is very much centered around patient care,” said Lee Smith, DNP, Syft’s chief nursing officer. She adds, “If supply availability doesn’t meet demand or items delivered to procedural areas are expired or compromised in any way, then the patient experience and safety is compromised. The Syft Synergy 4.4 release is a nice blend of new features and functions that makes inventory management easier for supply chain staff and clinicians, ensures products used in patient care are safe and compliant, and optimizes inventories and costs.”

New capabilities and enhancements in Syft Synergy 4.4 include:

  • Tissue and biologic implant tracking and management integration – This new Syft-TrackCore integration offers a holistic solution for tissue and biologic implant tracking and management and adherence with regulatory requirements. The solution incorporates stringent quality control measures helping to ensure safe and compliant workflows for biological tissues/implants and non-biologic items such as synthetic mesh.

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TrackCore’s Vice President of Business Development, Ross MacGregor, shared this, “The Syft-TrackCore partnership streamlines the supply chain process for hospitals by combining TrackCore’s electronic chain of custody documentation with the sophisticated inventory management solutions that Syft offers.” He adds, “A major issue for organizations throughout the healthcare industry is ongoing challenges with accreditation as a result of manual logbooks and inefficient workflows. This partnership provides an automated solution to effectively and efficiently address this need in the clinical space.”

  • Lab supply management – In collaboration with a large hospital located in the Midwest, Syft has developed a new laboratory supply management solution that increases the efficiency and accuracy of lab supply and reagent tracking and monitoring. Key benefits include recalled/expired/nearing expiration product alerts, change lot management including vendor non-compliance notifications, automated replenishment, and reporting capabilities.
  • Kanban inventory management – Syft has developed a unique, comprehensive, single-vendor solution unlike any alternative offerings in the market for Kanban inventory management. The offering includes current state PAR analysis, PAR recommendations, product placement and labeling, custom shelving design and construction that is tailored to adhere to the customer’s physical spacing requirements, and automated PAR replenishment leveraging Syft Synergy 4.4. One large East Coast-based network shares their experience on Syft’s new Kanban solution in this blog.

Additional Syft Synergy 4.4 enhancements include:

  • “Anywhere Inventory” automation and management so supply chain staff can quickly set up dynamic inventory locations during normal business operations and during crisis events
  • Tray implant management for improved case management and utilization tracking at the point of use
  • Improved processes for capturing and reporting patient charges/credits and for items returned or wasted during patient procedures

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