Amazon Sellers Can Now Automate Product Review Requests Using Hinge Axis

Manually requesting product feedback is time-consuming on Amazon. HINGE Axis automates this process, saving sellers time and helping to grow sales.

Product reviews (also known as product ratings) are key drivers of eCommerce sales. Research shows that shoppers are 270% more likely to buy products with 5 reviews than products with zero reviews. In recent years, review counts have become even more important in driving sales. This is because Amazon changed its review process in September 2019 to allow shoppers to simply give a 5-star rating, without requiring them to also type review comments. As a result, the number of 5-star ratings has increased significantly, and the correlation between the number of ratings and sales has also increased. Product reviews have a “flywheel” effect on the marketplace: product reviews impact a product’s sales and revenue, which in turn drive Amazon’s search ranking algorithm, and impact the product’s likelihood of winning the Buy Box.

Given the strong influence of both product and seller ratings on Amazon sales, online sellers should collect customer feedback on as many product orders as possible. Unfortunately, within Amazon Seller Central (Amazon’s seller platform), businesses have to select “Request A Review” manually for each product order. As a result, the process is time-consuming and tedious, especially if there are a lot of orders.

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“This feature is a game-changer for online businesses and Amazon agencies. Axis sends thousands of review requests every day to legitimate customers, and the surveys all comply with Amazon’s policies.”

— Michelle Sickle, VP Operations – HINGE GLOBAL


HINGE Axis makes it easy for sellers to put their customer feedback process on autopilot, saving time while also driving sales. HINGE Axis Review Request is an automated process that triggers standardized customer surveys to be sent for all product orders that meet predefined criteria set by the user. Within the HINGE Axis Orders module, users can customize when review surveys are sent, and exclude items that they do not want to ask for feedback.

HINGE Axis’s Review Request uses Amazon’s email template to ensure that the surveys are compliant with Amazon’s policies. Because of Amazon’s strict protocols associated with customer feedback collection, using Amazon’s own email template avoids violating any policies and putting the account at risk.

“The automated product review request feature is a game-changer for online businesses and Amazon agencies,” says Michelle Sickle, Vice President of Client Strategy & Operations at HINGE GLOBAL. “Axis sends thousands of review requests every day to legitimate customers, and the surveys comply with Amazon’s policies. Additionally, the Axis platform allows us to customize how and when the surveys are sent. Given the importance of customer engagement, the control that Axis provides gives us extra peace of mind.”

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