Hyperproof Releases New Enterprise Ready Functionality to Support Efficient Compliance Operations in Complex Environments

Hyperproof, a pioneer in SaaS based security and compliance operations management, announced today the release of a suite of new functionality to help global enterprise organizations operating in complex environments manage their risks and compliance programs at scale. These new enhancements help compliance professionals gather evidence faster, effectively communicate the value of their risk and compliance initiatives to senior leadership, and save time and effort when working to meet new compliance obligations as their organizations expand. More details below.

1. New Integrations that Automate Cross-Team Evidence Collection

Gathering evidence for audits and control assessments can be extremely tedious for global organizations. To expedite the evidence collection process, Hyperproof has built connectors, called Hypersyncs, with a wide range of applications like ServiceNow and Workday used by enterprise organizations. These new Hypersyncs add to a list of 60+ existing integrations and automatically pull evidence into Hyperproof periodically or on-demand. New Hypersyncs include:

  • ServiceNow
  • Workday
  • Salesforce
  • Single-Sign-On/Active Directory Solutions
  • Splunk
  • DataDog
  • AWS
  • Snowflake

2. Custom Report Building Service to Gain Better Visibility of Risks

To save time and to empower CISOs and risk and compliance professionals to better show risk mitigation in real time, validate efficiency increases, and view the health of their programs, Hyperproof now offers a dashboard/report building service so users can now get deeper insights into their risks and compliance posture with Hyperproof’s custom reporting building service. Hyperproof’s analytics experts will partner with compliance professionals to understand their reporting use cases and build custom dashboards on a customer’s behalf.

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3. Over 60 Supported Compliance Frameworks Out-of-the-Box

Keep up with regulations and compliance frameworks around the globe with Hyperproof’s 60+ supported frameworks available out-of-the-box. As an organization scales its operations and footprint across multiple regions of the world, keeping up with new regulations and standards can become a highly complex effort. To make this task easier, Hyperproof has a team that quickly turns new regulations, standards, guidelines and industry frameworks into well-structured frameworks that are offered to customers in Hyperproof’s Content Library.

Hyperproof has broadened its support for regulations and compliance frameworks outside of the U.S. The content library now has templates for regulations and guidelines across Europe, APAC and South America, such as:

  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Technology Risk Management Guidelines
  • The Australian Government Information Security Manual
  • Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX)
  • Brazil’s Data Protection Law (Brazil’s version of GDPR)
  • UK SOX

Hyperproof has also created new frameworks for multiple ISO standards, including ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27799 and ISO 28000. Additionally, Hyperproof has released a feature that lets customers seamlessly migrate from an older version of a framework to the latest version of that framework in just a few clicks.

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4. Streamlined Control Hierarchy for Organizations With Multi-Product and Subsidiaries

Hyperproof has released a controls-hierarchy construct that enables organizations with multiple product lines and/or subsidiary companies to streamline their controls set and ensure that each subsidiary manages their own controls. In Hyperproof, a compliance professional can manage and share common information and overall health at the parent control level that is shared with subsidiary controls as read-only. This allows for quick onboarding of new products and/or control owners through subsidiary control creation. Meanwhile, each subsidiary team can manage their “child” control without impacting the other team’s information.

5. New Software Development Kit to Streamline Evidence Collection From Unique Internal Systems

Enterprise organizations often leverage internal systems that are unique to their particular industry and workflows, making evidence collection difficult. To solve this challenge, Hyperproof has released an Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows each organization to build their own integrations to automatically gather compliance artifacts (like the latest system configuration or status) from their internal systems into Hyperproof.

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