Una Software Secures Funding and Launches Applied Revenue Intelligence Platform

Una Software announces the commercial launch of its applied revenue intelligence software, enabling sales, marketing, customer success and finance to work together as a unified revenue team for faster, more profitable and sustainable growth.

Una Software proudly announced the close of a significant funding round and the commercial launch of its applied revenue intelligence platform. Una’s cloud software helps departments including sales, marketing, customer success and finance work as a unified revenue team. Una combines insights and actions from across the customer journey so revenue teams execute better meetings, decisions and resource allocation – for faster, more profitable, sustainable growth.

“Driving revenue growth today is about far more than analytics. It involves encouraging cross-departmental teamwork and turning decisions into profitable actions. That’s why Una combines analytics, collaboration, and actions that turn into profitable, sustainable revenue growth.”

Una is designed for CROs, CFOs and other revenue leaders who need more collaboration, actionable insights and growth from their technology and teams. Typically reliant on their ERP, CRM and spreadsheet software, the company’s initial focus and early customers are B2B SaaS companies.

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Una’s platform addresses three main gaps in today’s revenue operations, intelligence and related software solutions, as well as inefficiencies with revenue teams:

  • Multiple Silos: Sales, marketing, and customer success departments typically deploy their own siloed analytics processes, leading to fragmented insights and disjointed strategies.
  • Missing Financial Data: Departments frequently neglect to integrate crucial financial data necessary for optimal decision-making.
  • Failure to Take Action on Insights: Teams rely on casual, self-managed follow-ups after revenue meetings, resulting in inconsistent execution and accountability.

“Driving revenue growth today is about far more than analytics,” said Clayton Ramnarine, CEO of Una Software. “It involves encouraging cross-departmental teamwork and turning decisions into profitable actions. That’s why Una combines analytics, collaboration, and actions that turn into profitable, sustainable revenue growth.”

“From our original vision to today’s launch, we’ve guided every step of Una’s development with firsthand experience starting, scaling and leading rapid revenue growth at successful B2B SaaS companies,” said Don Mal, Una’s Executive Chair. “From the first sale to renewing the latest customer, breaking down silos or making smarter investments, we know what’s needed to make revenue teams work.”

Co-founded by Ramnarine and Mal in 2023, Una is led by proven founders, CEOs and revenue veterans from some of North America’s most successful SaaS companies. The team’s track record includes founding and revenue leadership roles at unicorn and other renowned success stories including Vena Solutions, Prophix, Fluence Technologies and Clarity Systems.

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Una is the industry’s first applied revenue intelligence software platform that:

  • Consolidates trusted data into one solution to align on one source of truth; to visualize the issues across the whole customer journey from lead to renewal to expansion; and confidently allocate financial resources to the department that needs it most.
  • Drives collaborative decision making by aligning sales, marketing, customer success, product and finance departments and eliminates silos. It encourages cross-departmental discussions to address key challenges in the customer journey together; leverages the collective expertise of all revenue teams to make decisions; and aligns on future plans to drive continuous improvement.
  • Delivers action, not just promises, by ensuring that insights turn into decisions and tasks that are documented and tracked; accountability is monitored; and priorities are delivered upon.


Una is proud to be a charter partner of Winning by Design and its first certified “bowtie analytics” platform, with insights that span the whole customer journey. Both companies advocate for revenue programs founded on scientific principles, encompassing the entire customer journey and measured by their impact.

“SaaS has systematically shifted from growth-at-all-costs to sustainable growth,” said Dave Boyce, Chair of Winning by Design. “SaaS companies and investors are intensely focused on revenue architecture and the first principle of recurring impact.”

“As a charter partner, Una has collaborated with us to bring to market a first-of-its-kind recurring revenue management system, incorporating the Winning by Design Bowtie data model for measuring and monitoring profitable growth across the entire customer lifecycle,” he added.

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