Time is Ltd. Enters the Revenue Intelligence Space With Sales Analytics

With the addition of team- and company-wide collaboration analytics, Time is Ltd. launched a revenue intelligence solution to enable revenue leaders to drive better returns at lower costs

Time is Ltd., the leading employee engagement and productivity company, has launched Time is Ltd. Sales Analytics, enabling revenue leaders to optimize how their sales and customer success teams are collaborating internally and externally.

Time is Ltd. helps organizations optimize collaboration behaviors among revenue teams to increase revenue acquisition and retention at a lower cost. The new Sales Analytics product provides visualized insights for revenue leaders to identify productivity barriers and collaboration behavior that impacts revenue. Their data shows sales teams spend only 27% of their time collaborating externally, and Sales Analytics helps refocus teams for maximum effectiveness.

Moreover, the platform automates the tracking of sales activities, allowing sales teams to spend less time on manual administrative tasks and more time interacting with external partners.

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As Jan Rezab, Founder and CEO of Time is Ltd., puts it, ‘Sales teams are overburdened with internal collaboration and administrative duties that take them away from their core remit; selling.’ By providing companies with insights into sales team behavior and time usage that lead to closed deals, revenue leaders can take action to really impact the bottom line.

Time is Ltd.’s Sales Analytics is a plug-and-play solution that empowers sales and customer success leaders across the following areas, with no initial setup required:

  • Monitor External Collaboration: Get a comprehensive overview of how your teams engage with partners (e.g., email, Slack, messaging) and how much time they spend with each partner.
  • Analyze Internal vs. External Collaboration: Identify internal collaboration behaviors that distract revenue teams from external partners, and understand which internal collaboration behaviors enhance revenue acquisition.
  • Automate Activity Tracking: Automatically sync Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 data, eliminating the need for manual activity tracking.
  • Correlate to Revenue: Leverage Salesforce data to determine whether the right amount of time is spent engaging with prospects and customers. Use this insight to optimize team allocation and structure for better business acquisition, retention, and upselling.

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Numerous organizations across a variety of industries have already seen measurable improvements to their sales and employee effectiveness through the use of Time is Ltd.’s platform. For instance, a media company doubled their sales team’s external collaboration.

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