Nooks raises $22M to end sales development drudgery with AI-powered prospecting & calling

Nooks customers today see a 2-3x boost in sales pipeline from calls and Nooks claims it will make the sales reps of tomorrow 10x as productive. Its 4x revenue growth in 2023 indicates strong demand from sales teams.

Nooks, the fastest-growing AI dialing & prospecting platform, announced that it has raised $22M in Series A funding. The round was led by Lachy Groom with participation from Tola Capital and Stifel Venture Banking, bringing Nooks total funding to $27M.

Now that AI can read, write, and even browse the web, the role of the inside sales rep is evolving. Especially for those focused on lead generation like sales development reps (SDRs) who spend the vast majority of their time on manual activities like writing emails, making calls, and researching leads rather than selling. While some believe the job will be fully automated, Nooks claims that teams leveraging AI tools can actually make selling more human.

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“Sales development reps today spend 90% of their time on manual tasks that can be automated with AI,” said Dan Lee, CEO of Nooks. “We’re building Nooks to cut out the busywork and empower reps to focus on the more strategic parts of selling, creating better experiences for sales teams and for their prospects. The sales reps of tomorrow will have prospecting superpowers and will be 10x as productive.”

Nooks is the all-in-one platform for sales teams prospecting over the phone.

  • Nooks’ flagship product, the AI Dialer, automates manual tasks like skipping ringing and answering machines, logging calls, and taking notes. The AI Research feature analyzes data from emails, calls, closed lost notes, marketing campaigns, and LinkedIn to help reps personalize their call scripts and identify high-intent leads.
  • Nooks Numbers uses AI to automatically identify prospects with inaccurate phone data and finds new phone numbers by searching across data providers like Apollo, Cognism, and ZoomInfo.
  • Nooks Call Analytics transcribes and analyzes calls to help teams answer questions like “what objections are we getting stuck on”, and “which call scripts are working best.”
  • Nooks Virtual Salesfloor provides a Zoom-like environment that helps remote, hybrid, and distributed sales teams do live call-coaching and collaborate throughout the day.
  • Nooks also recently released an ‘AI Training’ feature that helps reps practice selling to a realistic AI buyer persona. This is available to try for free on their website.

“Our team couldn’t imagine working without Nooks,” said Hannah Wilson, SVP of Sales at Modern Health. “Soon after implementing Nooks we saw a 5x increase in sales pipeline via live calling. Our sales leaders rely on the analytics and virtual sales floor to level up the team, and everyone who uses Nooks agrees that it not only boosts productivity, but it’s also a lot of fun. As an early Nooks customer, I’ve loved seeing their dedication to customers and rapid innovation.”

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“With their 4x year-over-year growth, Nooks is one of the fastest growing companies in my portfolio,” said lead investor Lachy Groom who has also invested in companies like Figma, Notion, and Ramp. “They have this unique combination of insane customer love & engagement, a world-class team shipping product at breakneck pace, and market timing – there’s a huge opportunity to build the next-gen sales stack.”

Nooks works with B2B tech companies who have an outbound calling motion. It has deep integrations with popular sales tools like Outreach, Salesloft, Apollo, Gong, Hubspot and Salesforce. Nooks users include SDRs and account executives (AEs) who self-source pipeline, as well as sales leaders who train and enable their teams. Reps typically see 2-3x productivity improvements within weeks of adopting the platform, and Nooks says this fast ROI and its free trial has fueled the tremendous growth. Due to its strong value proposition, product breadth and rapid innovation, Nooks is well-positioned to redefine the role of the inside sales rep and drive unprecedented gains in sales productivity.

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