Kennected Launches Use of Software

Indianapolis, Indiana-based Sales Enablement platform Kennected is making moves. October 7th, 2022, marks the announcement of Kennected moving to use’s business operating software.

After a quarter of coaching and implementation on how to use and execute this business operating system, Kennected recently announced this to their staff. Received with much applause, the senior leadership team at Kennected is committed to running a much more agile organization as far as being able to execute business decisions.

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With over 100 team members, Kennected is becoming a larger company rather quickly. With a larger company often comes the potential for red tape and bureaucracy, which can slow down the speed of a company’s growth.

Kennected’s Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen Twomey, had this to say about implementing a business operating system based on’s software, “Kennected is excited to grow using this framework. Kennected has been on a rocketship regarding revenue growth, averaging 10% plus month-over-month growth. Kennected understands that scaling has certain challenges, which is why Kennected is pouring resources, both money and time, into scaling the right way.”

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