G2 Data & Solutions Power Revenue Outcomes for Sales Teams

Content, Buyer Intent data, and Review offerings prove critical for B2B software organizations’ go-to-market strategies

G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, has strengthened its solutions for sales teams, contributing to higher-converting prospects as well as increased deal size, win rates, and sales velocity.

In addition to G2’s existing Content, Review, and Buyer Intent data offerings, the company has also rolled out several integrations with leading sales technology providers as part of its G2 for Sales initiative — helping teams improve workflow efficiency and drive revenue outcomes faster.

“G2 has long been recognized as an effective tool for B2B marketing strategy, but our solutions can and should be a secret weapon for sales teams too”

“G2 has long been recognized as an effective tool for B2B marketing strategy, but our solutions can and should be a secret weapon for sales teams too,” said Eric Gilpin, Chief Revenue Officer at G2. “With unmatched depth and breadth of insights on the world of software and services, we’re uniquely positioned to connect software sales professionals with active in-market buyers — helping them uncover their highest-propensity, qualified prospects and engage with them when it matters. With G2’s data and solutions that move at the pace of today’s sales cycle, sales teams can tap into the potential of their tech stack and never send a blind or cold email again.”

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G2 for Sales gives selling teams a competitive edge

G2’s verified and authentic customer feedback provides selling teams with a third-party validated source to meet their prospect and customer base with — increasing credibility, aiding the buyer research process, and expediting the sales cycle. Additionally, G2 customers can compile insights from their customers’ voice and package them into selling assets to use without requiring marketing or design resources. With G2 solutions, thousands of B2B software companies see increased business outcomes, including Gong.

“We know that 77% of sales reps’ time is spent on non-revenue-generating activities. As a sales leader, this is an astonishing loss of productivity,” said Lesley Ronaldson, VP of EMEA Sales at Gong. “While this challenge is exacerbated in the current economic environment, we have an opportunity to boost productivity and drive growth with data, AI, and apps that are purpose-built for revenue teams. The Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform uses the largest dataset of customer interactions in the industry to help revenue teams increase productivity, predictability, and growth. We’re proud to bring G2’s intent data to our platform to provide sellers with another powerful signal for deal execution.”

Considering that just 5% of a company’s ideal customer base is in-market at a given time, knowing who that 5% is and reaching them at the right time in their purchasing journey is critical. This is where G2 Buyer Intent data comes in, surfacing crucial account intelligence for teams, including the research, engagement, and buying patterns taking place on G2’s software marketplace.

Research activity that is indicative of a buyer’s intent to make a purchase, combined with competitive insights, empower sellers to deeply personalize the sales process to the buyer’s needs and expectations. There’s a high likelihood a software vendor’s customers and prospects are searching on G2, considering that 90 million buyers visit G2 annually to research software for their business in over 2,100 different categories — from CRM and Video Editing to Cloud Data Security and Desk Booking software.

G2 also offers G2 Stack — additional technographic data — with its Buyer Intent packages. This enhancement surfaces prospects’ tech stacks so vendors can reach out with their solutions that complement a prospect’s existing tools and resources. For a limited time, G2 is offering G2 Stack for free with a new Buyer Intent package purchase for the entirety of the contract.

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Integrate G2 Buyer Intent with leading salestech tools

G2’s latest Buyer Intent integrations also work with leading sales technology providers. With partnerships designed to improve efficiency in sales workflows and drive revenue outcomes faster, G2 has:

  • Introduced an integration with Gong, empowering sales teams to view a more holistic view of target account activities during active deal cycles. It helps personalize account-based outreach to accelerate pipeline and act on their most likely deals.
  • Expanded its partnership with Salesloft to transform buyer intent signals into next best actions — creating AI-powered sales workflows that drive revenue and enable sellers to focus on deepening relationships.
  • Launched a limited trial offer of ZoomInfo’s B2B contact data for G2 Buyer Intent users, providing suggested contacts and contact data for individuals in relevant roles at the accounts showing purchase intent on G2. This unlocks limited access to ZoomInfo’s B2B database, so users can personalize sales engagement with intelligence.

Ensure the entire sales organization is working smarter

All customer-facing roles have the potential to benefit from G2 – including leadership, managers, BDRs, AEs, RMs, and Customer Success.

  • Leadership: Forecast and ingest data for sales ops. Combine accounts in mid to late stage buying stages on G2 with your sales pipeline and opportunity data to identify those most likely to close. Build an efficient qualified pipeline and forecast revenue with the right data through G2’s partnerships with Salesforce and Snowflake. Post-sale, measure G2’s impact on deal influence by measuring the number of new business deals that showed intent on G2 before closing.
  • Managers: Keep teams on track for most pertinent deals. Establish a more focused go-to-market (GTM) strategy using intent data from G2, helping you reliably predict which of your prospects are most likely to convert. View your team’s pipeline and how open opportunities or active deals are interacting with G2 through G2’s partnerships with Gong and Salesloft.
  • BDRs: Narrow and prioritize a universe of accounts. Identify the most qualified leads that are active in research mode, when they are actually in-market, and where they are in the buyers’ journey. Find the right contacts at those accounts to reach out to through integrations with 6sense, Cognism, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and ZoomInfo.
  • AEs: Prioritize which prospects to go after. With intelligence from G2, prioritize efforts effectively and personalize your message to their interests. Ensure focus on the highest propensity mid-bottom funnel prospects based on real-time buying behaviors.
  • RMs: Identify opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. See when your active customer accounts are exploring new solutions on G2, including those you sell. Find multithreading opportunities into new stakeholder departments, and use authentic customer reviews to showcase the value you deliver, crank up your credibility, and boost buyer confidence.
  • Customer Success: Increase retention and mitigate churn risk. Your customers’ needs are constantly evolving. Collect their feedback, retain their business, and expand with them. Elevate their voices and use data to stay on top of the entire organizations’ buying patterns – including when they might be exploring alternatives to your product.

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